Thursday 5 June 2014

Bathtime Buddies Song (in association with H&A)

The latest task for the Bathtime Buddies Squad was to listen to the new Bathtime Buddies song and have a splashy fun time in the bath which for Alfie was an easy task! Unfortunately I can't figure out how to get it to play from Google Drive but the words are below: 

Verse 1
Hey. Hey! The day is over
and it is time for bed.
First you must have a bath,
before you can rest your head.

All of your friends are here to help you
wash all the days dirt and grime away.
Play with the ducks, “SQUIRT!”
Or Soapy Foam shapes, “SHAPES!”
Let’s see what else you can create, “YAY!”

Hey. Hey! Let’s go and play.
Let’s go and play with The
Bathtime Buddies.
Hey. Hey! You can learn too,
Learning is fun when it’s
me (or ‘them’)-and-you!

Alfie had such good fun listening to the song in the bath and causing havoc playing with some new bath accessories that we were kindly sent. The foam alphabet letters are going down a storm and Alfie is now becoming really good at recognising letters and being able to say them, the soapy foam is also loads of fun and the squirty ducks are some of the best that we've used in the bath! 

The alphabet letters are by far Alfie's favourite thing at the moment, he loves asking for 'more aaaaaa' and more ooooooo', he is beginning to be able to tell us what letter is what and becoming much better at recognising sounds. 

It's such a privilege to be part of the Bathtime Fun Squad, Alfie's favourite time of day is definitely bath time, I swear he would stay in the bath all night if he could!

We eagerly await the next task!
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  1. awhh this is so cute! :) I always had trouble getting my nieces in the bath! the alphabet letters seem great and the ducks of course haha :)

    meimei xx

  2. The alphabet letters are a firm favourite in this house. Haven't heard of the song before, will need to investigate for next bathtime

    Laura x x x


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