Wednesday 8 July 2020

Tips for Choosing the Best Wooden Flooring.

* Wouldn't you agree that wooden flooring looks so nice, it is so luxurious and exudes glamour. There is something that just screams smart and modern when walking into a room with beautiful, sleek wooden flooring. It can of course be quite tricky deciding on the right shade, type, style and look you want to achieve, surprisingly there is quite alot of choice and over at Flooring 365 you will see there is a large range to choose from and to suit your budget. In this post I have put together a selection of tips to help you out when deciding to go for wooden flooring!

- Firstly, decide on a budget and try not to veer too much over it despite how much you want to! Ask to see pieces within your budget.

- What sort of look would you like to achieve? Scandi chic? Vintage? Modern? Sleek? There are so many options and it pays to take some time to look at some pictures and do your research to ensure that the end result is what you set out to achieve. 

- Choose a reputable and professional company. Ask questions, discuss your requirements and be open to suggestions. 

- Decide if you are fitting yourself or having a fitter in, depends on your time scale I would say! Also because it is a natural living product it's worth remebering that it will shrink and expand so getting the professionals in to fit this may be the best option.

- Order some samples, what you see in real life may not be what you were expecting and being able to see if and feel it will help with the vision of the finished floor.

Overall there is more to conisder than perhaps you might think. Ultimately, wooden flooring is both luxurious and traditional, it can last an incredibly long time if taken care of and looks beautiful. Have you got any further tips to share?

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