Wednesday 15 July 2020

Spruce Up Your Mornings with Style.

{Collaborative Content} When you think about it, the morning should be one of the most sacred times of the day. We’re not speaking from a religious perspective, you see, rather than your first greeting of the day should be a moment for celebration and peace, not a mad rush to prepare everything for the day ahead.

Of course, if you have a career, or run a family, this can sound pretty rich. But the truth is that if you can afford to, taking the time to spend a little part of your morning in reflection, or correctly preparing for the day ahead, can be a great use of your time. But how can you spruce up your mornings with style? Is there a formula? Or do you just go about it how you feel like? In the following post, we’ll recommend three tidbits of advice that we believe could be instrumental in helping you feel more awake, more appreciative, and more yourself each day.

That has to be a great life addition, doesn’t it?

A Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Finding that perfect cup of coffee can be a great use of your time, because when you sip it first thing in the morning, you’ll know you’re indulging in a worthwhile treat. Not only this, but whole bean coffee can help you enjoy a nice, manageable caffeine buzz alongside that great taste, giving you the means to wake up, feel more connected to yourself, and generally open your eyes wider to the day ahead. For that reason, this is a worthy investment and a great means of greeting the day.

Deep Breathing & Heading Outside

Deep breathing through your nose, and heading outside into the garden can be a great idea. You can slowly breathe in and out, allowing the cold air to enter your lungs, helping you become alert, refreshed, meditative and motivated. You may think this is unnecessary, as we’re all breathing 24/7 in the first place. But directed, deep breaths such as this can actually help you feel more powerful and energetic, and there is plenty of scientific literature supporting this statement. The power of breath is not something to be ignored, and as such can provide a great start to your day.

Stretching & Exercises

A few simple stretches can help you feel more connected to your body, and it’ll also help you work out some of the kinks from laying down all night. A few exercises can be a great use of your time too, such as performing a few press ups, squats, and isometric exercises against a wall. When you feel the heat, even temporarily, you’re sure to wake yourself up and engage your brain. This way, you needn’t enter the office or start work with a sense of brain fog or tiredness - you’ll have already gotten rid of the cobwebs.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily spruce up your mornings with style. You deserve it.

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