Friday 10 July 2020

Engineered Wood or Solid Wood Flooring?

* As discussed in my previous post, using wooden flooring is a great choice when revamping your home space and introducing a new style of decor. Did you know there are many varieties of types of wooden flooring available to choose. There is the standard solid wooden floor and there is engineered wooden flooring to mention a few. This type of flooring is long lasting, durable and moisture resistant with a top quality finish and looks really fantastic. 

Engineered wooden flooring is a great alternative to solid wood, as well as having the same great high quality look about it and finish it is actually lower maintenance and is more durable in the sense that heat and moisture don't affect it as much. Created from real wood it gives the same effect and look but instead of being one plank of 'pure' wood it is actually constructed from multiple layers of different timber.The top layer gives the most beautiful effect being as it is made from the highest quality, this gives the final effects, the rest of the layers are compressed together under high pressure to ensure a stable, durable and stable floorboard. The effect really is quite lovely. 

As mentioned above this type of flooring is much more adaptable and durable,this flooring can actually be used over under floor heating, which would usually damage other types of wood flooring. How cool is that! It is a very popular choice and over at Flooring 365 you can see they have a large range to choose from and you can even request a free sample to try before you buy. It is always good to see these things in 'real life' to ensure you are getting the desired wooden effect. 

Engineered wooden flooring is designed to last for many, many decades. It is a long lasting choice and perhaps the one to consider if you are using in a room that has lots of use. If you are thinking about this ensure you get the advice and ask any questions you may have. Would you consider engineered wooden flooring?

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