Thursday 30 July 2020

Keeping Happy and Healthy.

*Oh it is a funny old time we are in at the moment isn't it. Sometimes I struggle to know what time, day and month it is! Some of us are not able to go out as much as we want, some of us are still working, some of us are turning to snacks to comfort us through these difficult and strange times. Many people as you know may be shielding or have been shielding and need help with obtaining their vital medications, using a safe online pharmacy this could be the answer they have been looking for safe and reliable medications order for all those sensitive and personal requirements. 

Eating habits have also taken a turn with people reaching for the snacks, not being as active as usual and daily life has generally been turned upside down. It is at this time still important to remember that leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle will benefit you greatly in the long run and although times are not quite what we're used to trying to keep a bit of a focus on this will be useful. One simple thing you could do to achieve this is to switch to a Polyphenol olive oil that is supercharged with goodness that can benefit your heart, skin, and immune system. Olive oil is something found in most homes, so switching to a healthier oil is a simple swap that you could consider.

In my day to day life as a Nurse I get asked alot about nutrition and deficiencies. I spend lots of time talking and discussing about how to get your 5 a day, keep a degree of activity and to have treats in moderation while at the same time enjoying your life. I often discuss about being nutritionally stable, however there are people who aren't and may need some extra support with getting the nutritional balance right and sometimes there are people who have an excess of certain vitamins.

So what can we do to keep healthy and happy? Well there are lots things, not only is leading a healthy lifestyle important for future benefits but also incredibly important to have a clear and healthy mind aswell. What else can you do to help with this?

- Keep active, as mentioned above, exercising as able is not only excellent for health benefits but you release endorphins which make you feel happy! Aim for 30 minutes a day, more if you can and getting a bit of a sweat on is even better. I promise you'll feel better for it. 

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- If you're not sure about what you may or may not be deficient in then perhaps some 

- Make sure you get plenty of fresh air and sunshine, we know that getting out and about is so good for the soul and getting some vitamin D does wonders. 

- Find a hobby, this could be reading, cycling, drawing, playing an instrument or gardening, find a passion and you might just find this makes a huge difference to your mental health. 

Overall, it is all about finding that happy balance of leading a healthy lifestyle, enjoy treats in moderation and being cautious about what you put into your body. I would love to hear your thoughts, how do you lead a healthy and balanced life style?

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