Sunday 12 July 2020

Parquet Flooring? Another Option to Consider.

* In the last couple of posts I have discussed the option of solid wood flooring and engineered wooden flooring, but what about the option of parquet flooring. This type of flooring can give some very unique and beautiful looking effects with a room, a little bit different and can really look superb. 

Parquet flooring is quite a complicated piece of flooring, made up of lots of very thin pieces of wood its overall appearance is sophisticated and elegant. The top layer is comprised of top quality and carefully selected wood, this is known as the 'wear layer', this can even be sanded if needed. Underneath this layer is an advanced body that absorbs the impact and guarantees to be high stability for this type of flooring.This flooring gives a different look to the traditional wooden choices, it is also compatible with under floor heating making it a good selection if you were considering this. This type of flooring is also stable and durable and therefore a great choice in a family home. 

There is a wide choice of designs, colours and availablity over at Flooring 365 and with a range of price brackets there is something for everyone and to match your budget. You can even request a free sample before making your decision to ensure you are happy with your choice. 

Flooring really can make a house a home and taking the time to decide on what is right for you is worth it in the long run. Have you got parquet flooring in your house? What do you think of it?

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