Friday 24 July 2020

Revamping your Home with Wooden Flooring.

*So you have made the decision to revamp your house, this could be as simple as painting the walls, changing the colour, changing the decor around or just adding a few new accessories. My husband and I have always discussed introducing some wooden flooring into our house, it is definitely something we will consider for the future especially as we are hoping to redo some of our house soon. Sometimes just the smallest changes can really make a difference to your house. However, you may want a bigger change, you may want to totally re-design your home and perhaps the soloution could be to change the flooring. In our house we have always thought about the idea of solid wood flooring, there is something so luxurious and designer about having wooden flooring, it can be so decadent and really make your house look fabulous. Here are some points as to why you should consider solid wood flooring!

- As mentioned above it looks fabulous, it really adds a wow factor to your home and can look quite dramatic perhaps adding it to an entrance hall. 

- It is long lasting and robust, ideal if you have a busy family life as it will last for a long time and withstands alot of wear and tear.

- You can add a variety of rugs to add some interest to the flooring, can make it looks super pretty too.

- Easy to clean and maintain which is always a bonus and withstands alot!

- With a wide range and colours and choice of finishes there is something to suit everyone and also available in many budgets so there is something for everyone.

- I would suggest ordering a free sample to see what you are purchasing and make sure you are happy with the wood and colour choice

- Looks distinctive and unique, really can make a house look beautiful.

- Feels lovely underfoot and some wooden flooring can even withstand underfloor heating too which is amazing!

There are so many amazing choices and it really could be a fantastic choice if you are wanting long lasting and tough, durable flooring. 

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