Thursday 30 April 2020

Benefits of Artificial Grass *top tips*

{Collaborative content} Have you ever thought about artificial grass? I quite often wonder what our garden would look like having a bright green, fresh looking lawn all year around. It would be quite the thing not having to mow it also, what a time saver! Artificial grass can make such an amzing improvement to how a garden looks aesthetically and there is lots to choose from these days. With the current situation there is not better time to start thinking about garden maintenance and renovations so if you're thinking about artificial grass or maybe not quite sure here is a few thoughts that might make you change your mind or make the decision for you.......

  • As I mentioned above it is ridiculously low maintenance. No mowing, no trimming, now watering, no ugly bare patches. How cool!
  • As this is artificial there is no watering required! Easily and simply installed with step by step instructions you could have a beautiful lawn pretty quickly.
  • Easy to maintain as no mowing but also easily cleaned. A simple brush to get rid of the debris will suffice and a good rainfall will keep the grass well maintained or using the specially designed detergent will also keep the lawn looking pristine.
  • Suitable for children and pets this is a great solution as is very durable and comfortable to be used for them.
  • Looks great all year round. Enjoy it in the summer and the winter, brilliant! Most of the artificial grasses have porous backing and will easily drain so there won't be any water log.
  • There is a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing the grass in a selection of piles and shades of green. 
Photo Credit thanks to Raj.

So as you can see there are lots of advantages to choosing artificial grass, there is of course the upfront cost but when the lawn is laid there is virtually any upkeep or maintenance costs for the grass. If you were thinking about installing artificial grass or just considering it I hope these thoughts have helped with your decision making.

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