Wednesday 15 April 2020

You are Five!

My darling little Elarna.  How is it possible you are 5? I can't quite believe it, I can remember the moment you entered into the world quite clearly. A slightly less traumatic birth than Alfie's but in typical Elarna style it wasn't all without a bit of drama......things really haven't changed much!

Now I know your birthday isn't all that you wanted to be and things are pretty sucky right now. All you've ever wanted since starting school was a class party and sadly that had to be postponed due to the ghastly Corona. For being almost 5 your grown up attitude amazes me, I'm so proud at the mature and gracious way you've accepted and realised that you won't be seeing your family or friends, be celebrating at this point with them or having a birthday sticker in assembly. You've taken it in your stride and I'm blown away by this. It's a tough time for us all and we promise that we will make it up to you. There has been lots of change in your life recently and yet you seem to have kept with a happy and cheerful outlook.

You're such a sassy little diva, strong, feisty and yet sensitive. You're kind of shy but sociable and chatty. You're creative, imaginative and love a bit of role play! We have watched you develop over the years into such a character, you keep us on our toes, boss us about and keep us in check. You are quite the gymast, the strength you have for an almost five year old is amazing and we love watching you embrace this. You had just started to enjoy your dance classes before everything had closed down and I hope to see you flourish and blossom more at this soon. You can often be found putting on a show and jumping around showing us things you have learnt in gymastics or dancing around to music, you just put a smile on our faces.

School you were enjoying, every day at pick up seeing you smile was a delight. You had just started to get a bit more of a grasp on reading, spellings and phonics and were forming some lovely little friendships. 

The cheeky giggle you treat us to every day is our favourite sound in the whole world and it sums up your cheeky and chatty little persona. You love your big brother so much, despite him at times being mean to you! You may look similar to each other but your personalities are miles apart. 

Elarna we love you with all our hearts, you cheer up every day and I'm so sorry your 5th birthday isn't what it should be but I hope it is just as special as you are. 

Happy 5th Birthday Princess. XXX

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