Saturday 4 April 2020

Splash from Coiled Spring Games *Review*

 {Gifted} Sometimes the simplest games turn out to be the most fun to play and totally addictive! We were recently sent a game that ticked both of these boxes and appealed to both the kids and us adults. Splash (suitable for aged 6+ ideally, RRP around £12.00) it is both easy to play and lots of fun. 

The concept is fairly simple; place the different coloured and shaped pieces on top of each other matching either the colour or shape of the previous piece to create a tower and outwit your opponents, try not to knock it over! One of the best things about this game - it is perfect for travel due to its compact size, fab!

Included in the tin are 30 wooden pieces in a variety of shapes and colours and 14 water drop tokens. Do you know what else I thought when I opened the tin, what a fab little learning resource and we could totally use the pieces to learn shapes and counting and for solving maths problems. 

How to play:

- Each player in turn chooses a piece from the wooden pieces, each player should have the same number of pieces. Tip: Choose pieces with different shapes/colours.

- Play starts with the first player giving one of their pieces to the player on the left. Player 2 (the person that was just given the piece) must then place this piece on the table to form the base of the tower. Player 2 then gives one of their pieces to the next player on the left and who continues to build the tower and play continues this way. 

- Each new piece must be placed on top of the highest, uncovered piece on the tower but it must be either the same shape or colour. 

- If the tower is still standing after placing a piece play continues. If the tower has fallen....splash! The active player that forced their neightbour to collapse the tower receives a water drop token. The highest tower left on the table forms the base of the new tower. If there are several towers remaining the player that collapsed the tower chooses which tower becomes the new base. This player also collects all other pieces that fell on to the table (to a maximum of 3). Any remaining pieces get put back into the box. 

- To win the game either a player succesfully places their last piece from their stock or when a player collects 3 water drops. 

It's such a simple concept game but is lots of fun and is definitely one to play with friends on a Summers evening and of course to take away on holiday. Aimed at age 6 and upwards I would agree with as our 4 year old didn't really grasp the concept of it! We enjoyed it very much and would rate it a 8 out 10 for playability! Available online and from leasding retailers, I would receommend!

* Please note we were kindly sent the item free of charge in exchange for review, all thoughts are my own.

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