Saturday 11 April 2020

Easter Fun with Zuru Toys *Review*

{Gifted Items} Easter is a couple of days away, the children were very relieved to hear that the Easter Bunny is classed as a key worker so there was relief in our house that there might some choccy treats on the way. If you prefer Easter treats of the less chocolate variety, Zuru toys have recently released the Rainbocorns series 2 and some new unicorn surprise 5 in 1 toys. We were also sent some Dino Smashers along with some further 5 in 1 surprise toys. With the country on lock down these items were gladly received to provide some much needed cheer in our house and are such a fab boredom buster as well as making a lovely alternative Easter gift. 

My two love surprise toys, there is something about the anticipation of opening layers and layers of things to discover a variety of surprises which makes them very happy! I have to say I was very impressed with the new Unicorn 5 Surprise toys, the items inside were great and Elarna loved having a little character inside that she could then play with other than little random bits.  Alfie prefers the Dino Smashers and was thrilled to be able to add to his collection of Dino's from a previous smasher. He has quite the collection now and they are such fun little characters. Both the Rainbocorn and Dino Smasher retail for around £24.99 and they are massive, such good value for money. The little 5 surprise capsules retail for £6.99 and all are available from leading retailers. 

What we love about Zuru toys: 

- Such a great boredom busting toy. The Dino Smasher especially has some many things to discover such as slime, putty, dino bones and more, it's so much fun! The Rainbocorn is such a big size and we loved being able to add the sequined heart to the front. Absolutely ideal for a unicorn obsessed child like mine. 

- I love that they are so unique, both come in huge shaped eggs and they look brilliant. They would make an idea and pretty special gift for a child. 

- I like that they have brought out more variety and new items which keeps the range looking really fresh and appealing. 

- They are great both indoors and outdoors, in fact I would advise the putty is best played with outdoors haha! They make great boredom and offer some relief from the current situation. 

- They are high quality toys from a reputable and reliable manufacturer. 

Anything we weren't keen on?

- As previously mentioned in another review the packaging has to be talked about. I feel like there is such alot of avaoidable plastic waste. From the wrappings of the surprise toys to the outer packaging of the 5 surprise toys, they have little use afterwards which is a shame so inevitably they end up being disposed of.  Other than this the items are great. 

So if you're looking for something to entertain the children while on lock down this could be the solution. Head on over to Smyths where they can be found. What do you all think of these items? Would love to hear!

* Please note we were kindly sent the items free of charge in exchange for a review, all thoughts are my own. 

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