Monday 11 May 2020

5 Things that Will Happen Post Lockdown!

{Collaborative content} If you’ve been counting the days since the beginning of lockdown in the UK, you’re probably mentally planning your next holiday. Will we be out in time to enjoy the summer break? Is the lockdown going to carry on until September? It’s hard to tell, but the latest news seems to indicate that June or July would see the beginning of a gradual post-lockdown period. As such, with only a few weeks to go in the best-case scenario, you need to plan for some of the issues of the post-lockdown life.

#1. Your car will need a full service
Even if you drive once a week to the shop, it may not be enough to keep your car road safe. During the lockdown, most cars are sitting idle in front of the house. While it’s good for the environment, it’s bad for your vehicle. Cars are meant to be driven; otherwise they can develop costly issues. If you haven’t been able to use your car regularly, you will need to book a full service to check your brakes, your oil, your battery, and your engine.

#2. You’re more likely to get a sunburn
Have you made the most of your allowed outdoor exercise? The latest regulations allow people to go out more than once a day, which can help to prepare your skin for the summer. Indeed, prolonged indoor time has made your skin more sensitive to the sun. As a result, you are more likely to catch a sunburn on a sunny day. It can be a good idea to add a sun damaged skin treatment to your bathroom cabinet in preparation for the summer. You should also start with a higher SPF sunscreen than usual to ease into direct sun exposure without risk.

#3. You need to filter offline & online friendships
For many, the lockdown was the occasion to reach out to friends we don’t talk to often. As the time for the lockdown exit is approaching, you need to make a conscious decision to maintain or not those online friendships forged during self-isolation. Which friends are you happy to spend time with in real life? To protect your sanity and keep some necessary me-time in your schedule, you will need to filter some online friends out of your immediate visits after the lockdown!

#4. You’ll be on the hairdresser’s waiting list
A trip to the hairdresser is necessary. For most people, lockdown hair experimentations have led to a variety of results, from letting your grey roots become visible to dyeing your hair in bold colours. Now’s the time for essential hair care. You need a proper hair colour, a brand new haircut, and perhaps some root care too! Trust an expert with these tasks.

#5. You don’t have time for your lockdown hobbies
You’ve got less time for all your lockdown hobbies. If you took up gardening in self-isolation, you might come to realise that artificial grass can be practical, time-saving, and elegant too. Besides, it saves you mowing the lawn! DIY hobbies are likely to remain a part of your weekly schedule, though. However, they’re not the main entertainment in your day now!

The UK isn’t quite ready to get out of lockdown now. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t start preparing for it. Maintaining your mobility, your home, and your appearance after lockdown will be challenging if you don’t plan accordingly now. 

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