Friday 10 April 2020

5 Essential Ways to Look After Your Eyes

{Collaborative content} The health of your eyes is important.

Stop for a moment and consider how damage to your eyesight might affect your life. Which of your favourite interests would be most affected by a change for the worst in your ability to see clearly? What would you miss looking at the most?

There are numerous different problems that can affect your eyesight. A natural change in the shape of your eye can cause a change in your eyesight. While blackspots in your eyesight may be part of a much more serious problem. 

Slight changes in your eyesight can cause you to suffer from headaches, and they make driving unsafe. 

But how do you take care of your eyesight?

Here are five ways to look after your eyes. 

Get Your Eyes Tested Regularly 

Make an appointment to see your optometrist at least once every two years. 

Having an eye test will help your optician to identify changes in your eyesight. 

There will be several short tests. You will very likely be asked to read from a screen full of letters while looking through lenses. You may also have tests carried out to identify blind spots, as well as for glaucoma. 

From your eye test, your optician will be able to prescribe you with glasses if needed. 

Wear Your Prescription Glasses

If you have been prescribed glasses, it is important that you wear them. If you are short or long-sighted then you will strain your eyes when you are not wearing your glasses. This will result in headaches. 

If you need to buy new glasses, you can order a pair directly from spectacles online using the prescription provided by your optician. 

Eat The Right Food 

Eating the right food will help you to protect your eyesight. 
Of course, you should always make sure that you are eating five pieces of fresh fruit or veg each day, however, look for foods that are rich in Vitamin A or beta carotene such as carrots. 

Take Breaks When Working At The Computer

If you spend several hours working at a computer each day, then you should make sure that you are taking regular breaks to protect your eyes. 

Straining your eyes to look at a screen could cause your eyes serious damage over a prolonged period of time. 

Plan breaks away from your screen into your day to give your eyes the rest they need. 

Wear Sunglasses 

The sun can do serious damage to your eyes. You should never look directly at it. Even when there is some cloud coverage, staring at the sun will still have a negative effect on your eyes. 

If you’re out on bright sunny days, it is essential that you take the relevant steps to take care of your eyes. Wear sunglasses. 

Don’t just assume any sunglasses will protect your eyes. Make sure your sunglasses have a suitable UV rating of at least 400.

Even when you are wearing sunglasses, you should avoid looking at the sun.

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