Friday 1 November 2019

Scruff a Luvs Families! *Review*

{Gifted} We were recently sent the new Scruff a Luvs Families (RRP £29.99) to test out, after the success of the Blossom Buddies Scruff a Luvs which Elarna loved she was delighted to receive another to add to the family. 

If you're not sure who or what the Scruff a Luvs are all about have a read of my previous review otherwise, in a nutshell the Scruff a Luvs are abandoned and lost looking for her babies. 

The box is a blind box so you don't know who you're going to it a dog? Is it a cat? How many babies?Are they boys or girls.....? Warm their hearts to find out their gender. Who knows until you get them out of the box! Elarna loved her Scruff a Luv previously so she couldn't wait to discover the family she would receive.

Within the brightly coloured box are several hidden numbered areas that the child can undo and discover the little accessories that accompany the Scruff a Luv, these range from coloured bottles to feed your family, a comb, little items of clothes, a collar with tag and birth certificates. So cute!  

We loved the little hidden element, it's a really nice touch and children these type of things at the moment don't they! It's a surprise touch and personally I feel it enhances this type of toy. Also within the box is the Scruff a Luv, now don't alarmed when you first see the rolled up, matted ball as it looks a bit odd! The thing you have to do is give this scruffy, rolled up thing a good wash, add some soap and water to make it extra fun! Elarna loves this bit! You can actually put the toy in the washing machine if you want to speed up the process, however I think it's alot more fun for the child to get involved and give it wash!

As you begin to wash and clean the toy it will unroll and reveal the family it has been hiding, we received gorgeous little triplets!! The Scruff a Luv we revealed as you can see if a sort of pinky/lilac colour with glittery ears - very sweet!

Make sure while washing that the soapy suds are washed thoroughly out of the Scruff a Luv, it's advisable to get an adult to help with this bit and the drying. You can either leave it to air dry but if your children are like mine they cannot possibly wait for this so using a hair dryer on a low heat helps speed up the process!

Once washed and dried the Scruff a Luv does look a bit scruffy still, no matter how much we try and brush it never seems to look a bit scruffy but to be honest Elarna doesn't seem to mind she just thinks it's adorable, lots of 'ohhs' and 'ahhs' from her!

What did we like?

- A lovely addition to the Scruff a Luvs family, the hidden and blind elements are great! The accessories are nice and enhance the playability of the item.

- They are really cute, especially the little babies!

- Being able to wash and dry the Sruff a Luv is lovely, Elarna took full responsibility and the role very seriously! 

- Would make a lovely gift, I think it's a great way of introducing children to role play and pretending to take care of an animal and the responsibility of looking after them.

- The Scruff a Luv and her babies are great companions to keep close by

Anything we weren't so keen on?

- The price of £29.99 is steep for what it is, I think it should be priced lower for sure. 

- The Scruff a Luv can look bedraggled once dried, we haven't been able to make them look any better than in the photos but that doesn't matter too much.

- I would say that this is not a toy or cuddly toy that Elarna has constantly returned to, it gave her lots of pleasure at the time but after a few days it was in her toy box.

Aimed at age 36 months to 8 years which is a huge age range! I would say the ideal age range would be between 3 - 5 years to enjoy the Scruff a Luvs. Overall, we like this toy, the added accessories are great and that added a special touch to the product. Available from leading retailers and would perhaps make a lovely Christmas gift!

*Please note we were kindly sent the item in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. 

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