Monday 28 October 2019

Six Time Saving Natural Hair Care Tips

{Written in collaboration with NUYU}The team at NUYU are continually searching for ways to care for hair in the shortest amount of time. But, in this age of sustainability and care for our world, we are also aware of the need for natural solutions. We all need to be careful of the chemicals we are putting out into the world. With all this whirling around our minds, we thought we would come up with the best six natural hair care tips that could also save you time – and still make sure you look fabulous. 

Tip #1: One product many jobs

To save time and to respect nature, find products that can accomplish more than one thing. If you buy a natural haircare coconut shea shampoo, you can detangle and cleanse at the same time.
Therefore, job number one is to check through your bathroom cabinet. How many products do you have that only achieve one thing? Can you research and find the best product to streamline your hair care routines? Remember that each time you buy a product, you also buy a plastic bottle. Therefore, finding something with natural ingredients that can offer shine, hold and body would be the perfect solution to multiple problems.

Tip #2: Minimal deep conditioning

Deep conditioning need not be a time-consuming chore. In fact, it has been proven that deep conditioning done quickly is as productive as hours upon hours of care. Most deep conditioners are formulated to work within 30 minutes, as producers know you don't have time to sit for hours waiting for a miracle. Check out the package of deep conditioners when you are next browsing the aisle and notice how many quality companies suggest only 30 minutes in the instructions

Tip #3: Find a quick style for speedy moments

When under pressure you need one hairstyle you can go to that will work every time. You know that look that makes you look outwardly together, even in moments when you have 10 minutes to leave the house. This is the style that needs minimal product usage and only a quick twist or ruffle here and there. When you next have a few minutes free, experiment with different styles and find the one you can fall back on in times of emergency.

Tip #4: Wash less

In the summer, when you are out in the pool or sweating a little more, you likely feel you need to wash your hair regularly. When you have quite the mane, this can hack away at your free time. With the autumn months, you can afford to reduce the number of times you wash your hair without the possibility of harming your hair. You can save time and money – as well as water.

Tip #5: Organise yourself

We often go out and buy things that we don't need because we didn't realise that we already owned it. We have a host of concoctions and devices that are bundled away, and it is difficult to work out what you do and don't need – so you just buy more. If you want the ultimate way to save time and money – and the environment – you can put your hair care products into some sort of order. If you have a zip bag for your scrunchies, another for your pins, rods and clips – and so on. You can cluster all your wash products together, then your cleansers and conditioners and more.
The point is to visibly be able to see what you have and be able to reach for it quickly. Not only will you save time going to the shops, but also in the morning when trying to find what you need.
This organisation works best if it is carefully maintained. You will need to put things back where you found them if you are to be successful in saving time here.

Tip #6: Natural products that last longer

Finally, and maybe most logically, you need to use the most natural products that offer the most prolonged results. If you are using a natural product that needs daily application, then it is counterproductive. You are going to need more to achieve the effect you want – and although natural ingredients are brilliant – they still come in packaging and are part of a supply chain filled with petrol-guzzling vehicles. Therefore, you want products that promise to last throughout a week or longer. Do your research and find products like shea yoghurt moisturiser, which is brilliant for the longer-lasting condition for dry hair.

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