Thursday 21 November 2019

Christmas Gifts for Kids that you can Enjoy too!

{Collaboration} It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Some people have their trees up, the festive ads are in, full swing and the shops are bursting with fantastic gifts! But if you’re a little behind on your shopping, you might want to get a move on.

Choosing gifts for kids can be difficult. They might have a lot on their lists, but deep down you know that they’ll lose interest in most gifts quickly. So why not change your approach and buy gifts that you can enjoy too? There are some great ideas for gifts that will bring you closer together and help you spend quality time as a family.

Take a look at some Christmas gift ideas that both you and your child will love.

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Start a hobby together

Being able to enjoy a hobby with your child is a wonderful way to spend time together. From starting something like photography together to making models or crafts, there are some gifts you can buy your child that will make an ideal hobby for you too. A dolls house is a classic example of this, and it can be special buying dolls house accessories and other items together and working on your dream home. Hobby gifts are excellent for keeping your child interested for months to come, and will give you an excellent way to spend time together.

Book a trip

It’s easy to buy material things for Christmas, but a host of new toys can take up space in your home and leaves your kids with much more than they need. Using your Christmas budget to book a trip can make a fantastic gift, especially if you go somewhere incredible like Disneyland! A getaway with the family will bring plenty of fun and excitement, with some memories you’ll be able to cherish forever. If Disneyland is a bit out of your budget, why not look at some stays closer to home? Bluestone makes a fantastic weekend away that the whole family can enjoy.

Games are always a classic choice

Between mobile phones and computer games, it can be easy to forget about classic family games. A games night with the family is the perfect excuse to put the technology away and simply enjoy having fun together. Take a look at some great board games for families that will be a great gift for your kids to open on Christmas day, and provide lots of fun for the family. If you loved spending quality time playing Monopoly or Cluedo as a kid, why not bring the same fun and memories to your family?

Christmas shopping can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be! Instead of focusing on quantity this year, spend more time thinking of gifts that offer something different. Spending time together as a family is precious, so finding gifts that will help you do that can be the perfect way to enjoy Christmas together.

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