Monday 11 November 2019

Why Mums Need to Prioritise their Sleep!

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{Ad} Hey mums, when did you last get a good night's sleep?

If you can't remember the last time, then you need to turn things around. Cut out your screen time before you go to bed. Meditate or journal before bedtime to rest your mind. And try those natural remedies that will soothe you into a sleep state, such as a cup of Chamomile tea, a glass of warm milk, or a quick infusion of CBD oil. You see, as a mum, there are some very good reasons why you should attempt to get a better night's sleep, as you can read below.

#1: You will be a less grumpy mum

The fewer hours of sleep you receive, the more tired you will be when you wake. And the more tired you are? The more susceptible to grumpiness and impatience you will be. Your kids will feel the brunt of this, especially when you are faced with getting them ready for the morning school run. And you will feel the brunt of this when you later feel guilty for acting in ways that caused your children upset for little or no reason. So, give your children a break, and be that calm and tolerant mum you always wanted to be by getting more hours of sleep a night.

#2: You will get more done in the day

A good night's sleep will give you the energy to cope with and accomplish the many activities you have to take part in during the day. So, the school run will no longer become a source of stress to you. You will be less likely to give up on your household chores. You will be more productive at work. And you might have the energy to finally catch up on your reading list when the children are in bed. In short, you will become Wonder Woman and all thanks to that good night's sleep you had!

#3: Your children will learn from your good example

Of course, your children could be the reason why you don't sleep well anyway, especially if they are prone to the occasional excuse as to why they shouldn't hit the pillow. Read these bedtime tips if so, as you might finally have the opportunity to get some shut-eye when your kids do the same. However, know too that your nightly habits could be to blame for your children's lack of sleep. If they know you stay up long after what might be considered normal for bedtime, they might be tempted to follow suit. So, they might try to squeeze more screen time in secret, especially if they know you are doing the same. And they might pester you while you're up and about, in fear that they are missing out on something. So, get into good habits by prioritising sleep over your smartphone and TV, as your children might then learn to do the same.

So, if you have been feeling tired and grumpy recently, and if your energy levels have been flagging, try to get into better bedtime habits. You will feel better if you do, and your children will benefit from the good night's sleep you had to!

Take care, and thanks for reading.

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