Sunday 27 October 2019

Getting the interior design right for a restaurant.

{Ad} I don't know about you but when I am eating out the interior design of the restaurant or bar are something that I look out for. Give me a sleek, smooth and inviting restaurant any day. I mean I love rustic charm, I adore shabby chic but I really enjoy a modern and sleek design too. I think the food needs to match the interior and the atmosphere also needs to reflect this too. To achieve the most out of your restaurant or hospitality venture a reputable company who will listen to your needs and requirements, a company such as Object Space Place who will be there for all your unique and bespoke interior architecture needs. 

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The guys at Object Space Place want to spend their time with you, developing the interior at the client request making a place that staff will want to work in and customers will want to return back to again and again. No easy feat in reality, the hospitality trade is tough, it's one of the hardest industries to crack but if you've got the interior spot on then this is great start. Before meeting with the team it would be a great idea to prepare your thoughts about what you'd like to see within the space. 

- What design features would you like to see within?

- The budget, what sort of cash injection did you have in mind?

- What would you like to achieve from the space? What customers would you like to attract? What food are you serving?

- What are the main priorities?

Obviously there are lots of things to take into account and factor in but having a few ideas and thoughts written down will be a starting point. Head on over to the website for further information and creative ideas. 

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