Sunday 27 October 2019

Introducing Nanogen Fibres.

{Ad} Hair is identity isn't it. Imagine having to lose it or struggle with thinning hair or post-partum hair loss. It isn't fun. My hair, naturally curly and frizzy has been one of those things I have had to learn to love and manage. My hair was at its best when I was pregnant, typical eh! After giving birth my lustrous, silky locks were replaced by thin, straggly and hair that snapped, it was quite depressing. Four years on it is back to how it used to be but I would have given anything with post-partum hair loss to encourage it to grow and be thick and glossy again! How about if there was a solution that could help with this? Increase confidence if hair is thinning or you just want to thicken out certain areas then perhaps something like hair thickening fibres from Nanogen could be the answer. 

Invented in 2001 the aim was to take back the control about how thinning hair is perceived. Nanogen works using keratin hair fibres which essentially have the same structure and properties as real hair. These fibres act like little magnets and are naturally attracted to the 'end plates' of hair strands due to static charge. Every little fibre builds this electrostatic charge and as they land on hair strands form little branches kind of like fir trees. Nanogen state it's like adding hair to your own hair! Amazing or what! So perhaps this is the answer to improving confidence with thinning hair and adding some extra texture. There is instant results and coverage is easy and the hair fibres stay put. Applying the fibres is simple, style the hair, sprinkle the fibres when thickening is needed and gently blend in. The fibres simply was out. I think these could be life changing to some people and what a step in the right direction to increasing confidence for those with thinning hair!

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