Sunday 27 October 2019

Taking the step into Leadership.

{Ad} My colleague said to me after I had agreed to take on further responsibility at work, this will be a great step into me taking a more a leadership role. I  have to admit it scared me a little, management and leadership is not something that has been part of my career for several years now! Way before I trained as a Nurse I was a retail manager and as much as I loved it, there was an element of fear at the back of my mind knowing that I was in charge of making decisions for the company I worked for and praying that my choices in how I managed my shop paid off! Mostly they did and I did manage to increase profits quite alot through a variety of selling techniques, knowledge and engaging staff but I had no real formal training for this. I was just passionate about my job and my role and I wanted my shop to exceed and improve. I also loved a challenge!

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I often wondered where I would be or what I would be doing if I had decided to stay in management, I have always enjoyed taking a bit more of a leadership role and perhaps it is the next step in my current career. I have always liked teaching and supporting students and mentoring other members of staff and sharing my experience and knowledge as a way of encouraging other members of staff to embrace their job role. However, if I am to consider more of a management/leadership role then I would absolutely consider Impact Factory management courses, they have a wide range of courses dependant on your needs and requirements but they focus on tailored learning and personal, professional development for individuals and for growth of the business.  

As much as it can be daunting taking the next step into a management position it can hugely benefit your career.

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