Friday 25 January 2019

Learning with Tinpo! *Review*

AD: This is a collaborative feature.

Have you heard of Tinpo? This all new, colourful and fun TV show on Cbeebies is bound to appeal to your little ones and get them thinking out of the box.

Aimed at pre-schoolers, Tinpo will encourage your child to use their imagination, be curious and start to question things, as well as helping the child understand their capabilities and capture their creativity. Tinpo and his team help to solve problems and ask 'what if we tried this....?' until they get the job in hand completed.

Written by Davey Moore (Thomas & Friends) and Emma Hogan (creator of Nelly and Nora) this bright coloured and cheerful animation is certainly going to appeal to your 3 - 5 year olds. There are four Tinpos within the show each with a different role, Tinpo is the leader of his team and is reliable, imaginative, creative and very intelligent, Doug-Po is is not afraid to get her hands dirty and loves to dig, drill and demolish! Logi-Po is is the international sign for caution sees the world as it is, he is very hard working and finally Hack-Po has all the facts and loves to find things out. They are all smart and creative inventors who are always willing to lend a helping hand in Tinpotown.

We were recently lucky enough to have a sneak peek of episodes 11-15 of Tinpo which will be available on BBC Iplayer and Cbeebies very soon. Elarna couldn't get it enough of it. The animation is colourful and simple and the story lines clear and easy to follow and encourage active conversation after the episodes have finished. 

What we liked?

- Simple and clear to follow story lines

- Colourful, fun and bright

- Encourages children to think 'out of the box' and promotes active conversation and creativity

- Aimed at pre schoolers this is a great little programme to start them thinking in a bit more of an academic way

- Not too long in length so keeps the child interested and entertained throughout

Anything we weren't so keen on?

- There is nothing to dislike about Tinpo, it's a fabulous little animation

If you like the sound of Tinpo you catch it on CBeebies each day at 06:55am and 3:55pm and also is available to catch up on the BBC iplayer, have fun watching Tinpo! I would love to know your feelings, please do leave me a comment or 2 with your thoughts.

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