Wednesday 16 January 2019

Top Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe.

*Home security is something we should all take very seriously. There are some nasty people out there that have no respect or care for other people's properties or belongings. The best thing we can do as home/property owners is take care and caution to try and protect our home and personal belongings. In this post I'm sharing some tips on how you can take some steps in preventative measures to stop your home being burgled or from theft.

- Security camera's. These can be a real asset to your property, especially infrared ones that pick up motion at night and ones that can be accessed while away. We have 2 camera's on our house and looking over our cars, we can access these while away from the house using a wifi connection and they really do offer reassurance. They are particularly helpful if I'm alone and hear or sense something and I can quickly access the camera's to see if they have picked anything up. 

- Burglar Alarms. Using even a simple security system can be hugely beneficial to protecting your home. Of course you may want to choose something more state of the art and sophisticated but even just a simple burglar alarm can be a huge deterrent to a thief. There are many house alarm companies out there to browse through online to find the perfect alarm system for your home. Once you choose one, make sure it works, that you use it and test it regularly! 

- Thieves are becoming more clever and keyless car thefts are a big thing at the moment. Have a read of this article if you are at risk and take measures to prevent keyless entry. Lock those keys away people!

- Check all your windows and doors are locked before leaving your house and don't leave your keys in visible view, this is pretty much an invitation to thieves to try and get them to get in. Likewise, when heading up to bed for the night check all your locks.

- Don't advertise that you are away or your house is unoccupied, again this is an invitation for thieves to break in and steal your belongings. Keep yourself safe. If it is obvious you're away make sure you have someone checking in frequently to sort the post out or feed the animals. 

There are lots of things you can do to help with your safety, just making sure you take these simple steps can make a huge difference to keeping your property, car and belongings safe. Have you got any tips you can share?

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