Friday 4 January 2019

Becoming SEO Savvy.

I have been blogging for about years now, through this time I have learnt alot about social media, promotion, content and SEO (search engine optimisation). Of course there are things I could improve on but often these things do time and experience to become competent in. I can genuinely say when I very first started blogging I had zero clue about any of this, it was a minefield when I started to learn about it and it's a huge subject. In this latest post I'm going to talk about some simple tips to help you become a little bit SEO savvy.

First of all, lets talk a little bit about what SEO actually means. In simplistic terms SEO (search engine optimisation) is how we grow visibility in our blog/pages/websites through natural (organic) links. We use it to drive traffic to our sites and increase rankings within search engines. 

So what can we do to help with SEO?

- If you need a little assistance with SEO it might be worthwhile investing in a agency such as ppc agency to help with this.

- Create meta tags. These are little snippets of text that tell search engines what your web page or blog is about.

- Get your blog or website featured on other people's site's, this is a great way of not only getting your blog and writing out there but good for some organic links.

- Use ALT tags on images. I really need to start doing this again, it really helps with providing your reader a description of the contents of image file, you can make these clickable links also.

- Chat to more experienced bloggers or freelancers to increase your knowledge and expertise in the area, it's amazing what you can learn of one another.

So here is a handful of simple tips that you can implement to increase your SEO, as you become more experienced you will gain a much deeper understanding and breadth .

Have you get any SEO tips? Please do share them with me!

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