Sunday 3 February 2019

Bad Habits when Driving!

Bad habits when driving.....I'm pretty sure we all have them but how many would we truly admit to? I'll put my hands up and say that I like to have music on when I drive and probably much louder than recommended! I tend to stick to Radio 1 so no need to fiddle changing the station. I know my husband always thinks I have the radio on way too loud .... to me though I'd find a silent car much more of a distraction, I cannot stand not having music on when driving. 

Recently, car leasing have compiled this infographic about the top distractions for UK drivers. Let's discuss some of the points that are featured within the infographic, some are things that I would have even considered being such a distraction.

First up, 45% of women are most likely to apply lipstick or ligloss in the car - that is a huge percentage ladies! I have to hold my hands up and say that I have often applied my lipbalm in the car on the way to work, generally when at a red traffic light mind! I've never applied anything other than balm or gloss though, I have zero idea how people apply eyeliner or mascara when driving!

30% use their rear view mirror to talk to the kids, I constantly do this it's so much easier than trying to turn around and talk to them.  Kids are a huge distraction in the car, my 2 just don't get that at times we need to concentrate and the last thing we need is them screaming and scrapping with each other......nightmare!

Lots of us, it would appear like to snack and eat when driving, 32% in actual fact and apparently most of us reach for a sweet treat or chocolate. For me it's mints, I have an endless supply of imperial mints in the car, it drives my husband crazy as I always leave mints lying around in the car.

So tell me, what are your bad habits when driving? What is the most surprising fact featured below?

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