Monday 7 January 2019

2018 - A Look Back at my Bucketlist

Happy new year! I have no idea where the last year went?! It's nuts and also really quite scary where the time has gone. We have had a mixed year, not great but then not totally horrendous either. We've had some brilliant days out, some fab weekends away and 2 lovely holidays to look back on. We also celebrated my Mum's 70th birthday which meant we saw some family that we'd not seen in quite some time. Alfie (7 in May) lost 4 teeth and Elarna (4 in April) is finding her independence - I can't believe she will be starting school this year! They are both developing as individuals and keep us on our toes! As with previous years I don't set resolutions as for me they are pointless, I never keep them! Instead I set goals and aims that I like to try and achieve throughout the year. When reading through my 2018 bucketlist I feel I have definitely achieved some of my outcomes.

In brief, last years goals were great and easily achievable really. My first goal of 2018 was to book a holiday and as I had already arranged our main Summer holiday I added to this by booking some lovely weekends away with friends to Norfolk and to Legoland and then we also went away for October half term to North Yorkshire which was a well earned break.

I also said that I wanted to read more, I have to admit I found this difficult due to time and often getting into bed feeling knackered but I think I have managed to read more than 2017, especially on holiday - I can highly recommend The Tattooist of Auschwitz and Lullaby, 2 particularly good books that stick out for me this year.

My 3rd goal was to enjoy more days out, to go to Legoland and to watch Disney on Ice. We totally smashed this aim! We had loads of fantastic days out as a family, and with friends also. We had an absolutely brilliant day at Dinosaurs in the Wild as well as a couple of other days out in London with the kids, as well as lots of other trips to the cinema, soft play, trampoline parks and zoos and farms. We did also achieve our aim to get to Legoland on a special services day, it was busy and fun packed weekend and it was great to be able to spend the weekend there with our friends and stay in the themed hotel too. We did also get to see Disney on Ice which was so good and we'll definitely be booking for both again this year.  Tying in to this I also said I wanted to enjoy more walks, I would say we got out and about much more, I really do enjoy walking, country walks are my favourite and we had lots of lovely, long walks in 2018.

I had said I wasn't going to take too much on. I don't think I achieved this, we had a busy year. From about October 2018 we were nuts though, we had something planned pretty much every, single, weekend. It was too much, way too much. I also had quite a few shifts at the GP hub (out of hours service) and was finding it difficult to keep these up and maintain a decent work/life balance. Adi started his new job and although mostly home based, at times has been travelling between Norwich and London and this was making getting to be shifts tricky as we would never know what time he'd be home. We were both shattered by Christmas, we did far too much and packed way too much in, this is not happening in 2019 for sure. I want to make sure we have at least 1 weekend a month where we are home with zero planned. 

My next aim was to print and frame some pictures. I finally got around to doing this a few weeks ago and now have a nice photo wall taking shape with some lovely photo memories to look back on, I'm looking forward to adding to this in the coming year. I also wanted to sort out our paperwork which was just dumped in our filing cabinet, thankfully although a very mundane job I did manage to sort it and I feel alot better about that being sorted.

I also wanted to book our 2019 holiday at the end of the year.....yup did that, not Florida or Italy as I stated but back to South of France and Yorkshire. We have such lovely holidays that we wanted to go back....again! Can't wait :) I find booking in advance great and gives us all something lovely to look forward to.

I wanted to bake more, I'm not really sure if I achieved this, I used to enjoy baking but now I tend to just bake cakes and cookies, I did try and do more but perhaps not as much as I'd have liked to. I also wanted to drink less.....hmmmm yeah so that probably didn't happen, ooops.

Finally, I wanted to pay off some debts. This was not an easy thing to do and sadly not something that I have been able to do for numerous reasons - as mentioned at the beginning of the post, although the year hasn't been horrendous there have been a few things that have gone wrong and have required us to spend alot of money and therefore clearing debt has not been possible. It's a shame but perhaps 2019 will be a better year for this!

So this is a quick round up of 2018, I would hope that maybe 2019 might be kinder to us but we shall see. My next post is my 2019 bucketlist, what will be on it this year I wonder? Keep checking back for my 2019 goals!

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