Tuesday 3 May 2016

My Little Flower Box - Review

The April My Little Box was embracing all things floral. I love flowers so the My Little Flower Box was one I was particularly pleased to receive. It's a bit of a different style box, more like a little book with it opening like one too, very cute. 

As always a packed box, they use every bit of space to fill it with gorgeous items. The first item is this utterly adorable pop up garden (RRP £7.00) this is designed with people that perhaps aren't keen gardeners or have limited space. I haven't actually set this up yet but I plan to soon, I'll pop it in the kitchen windowsill I think. 

The next item I have to admit I'm not too sure how well fits in the theme but pfftttt who cares, it's cute. A little underwear travel pouch (RRP £13.00). This is designed to hold a set of undies and keep them fresh, to be honest I'm probably more likely to use it as a jewellery holder but it's lovely. 

The third item is detoxifying mask (RRP £11.00) as always I really like the My Little Beauty brand that comes in these boxes. Not only is packaging so pretty but actually they are fab items.

We then received a gorgeous little bottle from one of my favourite brands, L'Occitane Pivoine Flora Shower Gel (RRP for full size £15.00) such lovely shower gels and I love the smell of this one, I think I shall save this for my holiday! 

Last but not least a Nails Inc polish (RRP £11.00), sadly this has no sticker on to tell me it's colour but it is pretty similar to some shades I already have. I'll add it to the collection though, it's bound to get used!

We also were sent the usual mini mag which I always like to read, it's full of cute articles and little quotes and info such as the page below. 

Overall a very gorgeous and girl box this month. I just love My Little Box! What do you think of the April box?

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