Friday 29 January 2016

Our Week!

Last week I was having a lovely week off, this week fully fledged working Mama once again. I've had a good first week, I didn't really know what to expect but so far so good....but I'm jumping ahead of myself as this is Monday. 

Friday I was very much looking forward to (another) meal out with friends, I absolutely love putting my makeup on, doing my hair and putting on a nice outfit (and heels on!) and heading on out for the evening.....child free.....amazing! I'd treated myself to some lovely new makeup too which arrived on Friday meaning I could test it out in the evening, perfect. Saturday morning I have to admit I had a slight 'prosecco head' but it was worth it for the evening out. We had our lovely new oven fitted which has meant we finally can cook properly again, we opted for a Smeg and it's absolutely fantastic so far. I made my first batch of choc chip cookies, they smelt amazing, only issue is I burnt a few as I haven't quite got to grips with the temperature control yet. Guess what, more cookies are being baked this weekend (purely for test reasons, obviously).

Sunday was a quick trip to Matalan for a few bits & pieces while the husband perused B&Q, we then had lunch at the in-laws which was nice, I then spent the rest of Sunday stressing about starting work (again) on Monday. 

The alarm was set for 5:45am, erghhh, it's been a while since I'd set an alarm! Managed to get a bit of sleep, albeit disrupted with a dodgy monitor and Elarna waking up. Everything was going to plan until Alfie came down for his brekkie and somehow ended up smashing a jar of pasta sauce all over the floor and covering himself, cue lots of tears and me stressing about being late for my 1st day! I did make it on time thankfully. I'm currently working 3 days a week between the hours of 8:00 - 6:30, it's been a very looongggg time since I've worked this length of days and I feel it's going to take a few weeks to adjust, plus my journey is about 40 minutes to get to the surgery so my day does feel quite epic. It also means that I don't see Elarna for these days as I'm gone before she wakes, I do see Alfie for a bit though. These negatives can be overlooked though because I get 2 days off in the week to spend with them, I work no weekends or bank holidays so obviously this is a bonus. So far I've been enjoying it and I'm looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for me. 

The 2 days that I was at home during the week were spent chilling out and having fun with the kiddies. I was desperate to get out for a walk but the weather was absolutely rubbish and instead we ended up staying in for these days, I'm hoping next week is more promising! 

This was my week, so how was yours?

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  1. Looking hot lovely! I'm out with Chris this weekend so this should be nice :-) I'm glad your week has gone so well and you are getting to grips with those long days! Definite perks though with 2 days a week with the littlies. xx #binkylinky

  2. Sounds like a very busy week for you! So lucky to enjoy a night out with adults, too. My husband and I had out first night out together in 15 months a couple of weeks ago, my god I was excited! We have a Smeg as well and I have real trouble with the temp because it's a dial and down low so you have to get down on the floor to see it properly, very annoying!

  3. Glad the first week has gone well! Must be a long day with travel time included but like you say at least it's only 3 days so you get time with the kiddies too 😊 will have to try and meet up on one of your days off so the kiddies cam run around together xx

  4. I am glad the first week went well lovely. Lovely having child free days isn't it.
    Our week wasn't too bad. Eldest was off sick! Thank you for linking up to #justanotherlinky

  5. That is a long day. I work 3 days too. It is so nice having 2 days plus weekends free. That definitely makes up for the long days. How exciting getting a new oven.

  6. Sounds like a lovely week. I love Matalan for kids clothes. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  7. Glad to hear it went OK, especially when you were worried about going back to work. You must be exhausted with those hours. Hope everything stays good and you adjust quickly.


  8. Hope work is going well. Things like the pasta sauce always happen to us. Sounds a lovely week and looking lovely! Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx


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