Tuesday 19 January 2016

Glossybox January 2016 Review

During my wonderful Christmas blogging break I decided not to review any of my sub boxes, I had originally planned to but once I started to wind down for the break I decided in the end to just bypass the reviews and chill out! It's a weird thing when I am so used to reviewing these boxes month after month to suddenly not feature them but at least now I can start 2016 afresh with the new boxes. 

The first beauty box of 2016 is Glossybox (£13.25 all in). I was recently emailed the other day from Glossybox to tell me that I had been a loyal subscriber for 21 months, I didn't realise it had been that long. It's been a love/hate relationship wth Glossybox over the last few months, sometimes I love the items sent other times I am just left feeling meh over the products, it's very hit and miss. I would say over the last 2-3 months though it seems to be picking up and I look forward to seeing what the next couple of months holds.

This year Glossybox are declaring 2016 the year of more and this month they are inspiring us how to get more from the year ahead. It seems Glossybox really are starting to listen more to their subscribers and are offering much more involvement and flexibility from us to be able to choose shades of items sent and various other life hacks, tutorials, latest trends amongst other things on the website. 

This months box looked a good one on first look, a mix of items and I was pleased to see a selection of both skincare and makeup, always a winner!

First item, Unani Dermo Defense Face Mask (£11.36 for full size in box), I love using face masks if  they are the moisturing sort and not the kind that you leave on and peel off, they make me feel a tad icky. I'm yet to use this but it promises hydration and nourishment and they way my skin is at the moment (battered by the cold weather booo) I hope it lives up to the promise. 

The second item is Teez Cosmetics Oasis Gem Lipstick (RRP £11.93 full size received), firstly the packaging is amazing! So bright and colourful, it might not appeal to everyone but it makes a nice change to some of the packaging on products that's around at the moment. This lipstick combines high pigmentation with a satin finish, it's quite unusual but I quite like it. I'm not too sure how much I would use it at the moment as the colour is quite summery but when the weather starts to warm up I think I'l crack this one out. 

The next item is Glossbox Eyeshadow in Glossy Mauve (RRP £7.10 for full size). Not a massive fan of this if I'm honest, I would rather receive a branded item, the colour is just ok and the packaging is a bit cheap looking. Not much more I can say on this, my least favourite item in the box this month. 

The fourth item is nice, not a brand I'm familiar with though. Angele Paris Red Nail Lacquer (RRP £6.32),  there is nothing more classic than a fierce red nail and this is a lovely shade. Now I have a ton of red polishes so this is going into my January giveway.....keep your eyes open for it, launching soon! 

Lastly, Madara Cellular Repair Serum (RRP £38.00 - blimey!). Again, not a brand that I recognise but I really liked this item, I like a serum and this one seems pretty good. I love the simple packaging too, where as with the lipstick it's loud and in your face, this packaging screams high end and professional. This serum is clinically proven to plump the skin, promote radiance and boost hydration. Wonderful! 

Overall, a lovely box of bits. Other than the eyeshadow which is my least favourite item I genuinely liked all other products in this months box. 

What do you think of the selection in the January box?

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  1. That looks like a great box...I have had a couple in the past and I've always been impressed x

  2. I've always wondered about these - it's a nice idea and it's good to know that you've had some good things through it.

  3. We never tried a subscription box but this one looks fab! Love the lippy! #TriedTested xx

  4. Looks like a great box this month, I really must start using subscription boxes!

    I love the packaging on the lipstick.



  5. Hi Helen, I've never heard of Glossybox before. The selection of items looks good and a real bargain for the price. The red nail polish is probably my favorite item.


  6. I had a couple of months' daliance with Glossybox but in the end decided that I'd rather spend the money on a prodcut of my choice every month or so instead of getting a box of stuff that might not be suited to me. It's difficult though as I do love the surprise element and being introduced to brands and products I might not otherwise have discovered.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week :)

  7. I have also never tried a selection box, but love the idea of trying new things and being surprised. Have you continued to use the Cellular Repair and if so what is your verdict?


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