Tuesday 12 January 2016

January Sale Haul!

So I may have had a little bit of a sale haul.......ok, maybe a big sale haul. I purchased more than I thought for sure. I do love a good sale, last year I was one of those crazy people who popped out to the shops on boxing day (super early so it wasn't too busy!), this year I couldn't be bothered and did everything online. I actually thought the sales online were pretty awesome this year and I got lots of stuff at fairly decent prices. One thing that I hate though is when you browse the sales and see things that you'd purchased full price the week before, grrrrr. Annoying but inevitable unfortunately!

Usually my sales bargains consist of perfumes and beauty and accessories but this year I found that the cosmetics and perfumes were definitely not as much as a bargain as last year. Last year I remember getting a gift set of Narciso perfume for £25 while this year they were still up in the £40's (after reduction!), disappointing. However I don't really need anymore perfume so I opted for other sale items instead as you can see below......

First up John Lewis, goodness they had some amazing clothes in the sale, annoyingly a few things that I'd purchased a few weeks previously were in the sale which as I said above is pretty inevitable but I skipped past them rather quickly! I bought some really lovely things for Elarna and I can't wait for her to fit into some of them. I popped in store the other day too and I noticed that there sale was still going strong (and *online still), I managed to pick up another couple of bits (no pictures sadly) but the prices were more than 50% off on some items, well worth a look before it ends.

How gorgeous are these sale buys?

My January sales haul wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Accessorize site. I usually try to get a new pair of slippers, a new purse (not achieved) and some jewellery (also not achieved). As you can see I managed to tick one box (slippers!), the lipbalms just had to be purchased at £5 and I loved the socks!! Such a shame that when I received the order I wasn't too keen on the boot slippers as they kept slipping off my feet. Oh well, good for a spare pair I guess. 

My next lot of purchases were from Joules!! I was on their website on boxing day to see what bargains could be had and I have to admit I may have got a little over excited. The mugs , candle and tea towels were far too gorgeous to resist, I love the welly socks and these ones have fluff around the top, I also couldn't resist a new pair of pj's and one of their rain coats which I have had my eye on for a while. I also managed to get Alfie a few lovely bits, a new dressing gown, some pj's and a couple of tops and Adi got a couple of nice things too...... couldn't leave him out!

My final online purchases were from the dotcomgiftshop, I loved the apple cushions and they just are so cheery on our sofa in the conservatory. I also couldn't resist the tealight holders which were 50p each instead of £3.95 and the other candle just accidentally got added to my basket.....honest!

I did buy a couple of items that aren't pictured here, an absolutely stunning dress for Elarna that I'm saving for her 1st birthday and one of those little wooden cube calendars that you change each day, cute but I just haven't got around to taking a picture of it. So as you can see my credit card got a bit of a battering, pretty lucky I'm back at work really ha!!

What did you make of the sales this year? Have you managed to buy anything worthwhile?

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  1. wow you got a lot of lovely things! I bought myself a bracelet from Swarovski in the 50% off sale! And a couple of things to give as gifts from there so I was really pleased!

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  3. oh wow you managed to get quite a few things! Gorgeous things too x


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