Monday 25 January 2016

Feeling Blue?

Last Monday was 'Blue Monday'.......... reported to be the most depressing day of the year. I can kind of see why, the weather is rubbish, pay day still feels miles away and the festivities of Christmas a distant memory. I had an unexpected week off which was lovely, however the weather was wet, the sky grey and well it felt pretty miserable which didn't exactly have me feeling on top of the world. To help combat the blues the lovely folk over at Wynsors World of Shoes kindly sent me a VIP box to banish those blues!

Inside my lovely VIP box was a fab selection of items to put a smile on my face. I was sent a little pot of dinky chocolate drops (dark choc so hubby also had a pick me up!), some lovely, shimmery nail polish......perfect for pepping the nails up and it's such a lovely shade I will definitely be using it over Summer, a really lovely wooden photo frame to remind me of good memories, a mini notebook to document any happy thoughts and last but not least the trainers of my choice. Lets face it you can't beat a walk in the fresh air to clear your head and make everything seem right. Sadly I didn't get to test out the trainers on Monday due to the cruddy weather but they did get 'road tested' later in the week!

I'm not usually one for feeling down in the dumps but the last couple of weeks has been hard, decision making is not my strong point and deciding what to do for the best has not come easy so being sent a little pick me up has certainly put a smile on my face. My outlook for the start of 2016 was pretty bleak, I started the new year quite miserable and down in the dumps but now I feel I have a plan of action, my mind set is somewhat clearer and I'm feeling alot more positive. 

So I'm banishing the blues and focusing on the positives and good things that are in my life at the moment.

How was 'Blue Monday' for you?


  1. That box was wicked! Glad it helped and you feeling a bit better. I think it will all fall into place a bit now. Xx #fartglitter

  2. Oh Helen, how nice to get a little gift!!! Love the trainers!! Must get back to the gym, started well and then had my daughter's birthday and keep eating the leftovers!!! uhhhhhhh xxxx

  3. I had one of these too! I am yet to write a post about what I got. Your shoe choice is gorgeous!

  4. Love the colour of your shoes!

  5. Oooh, sounds like a great box. Blue Monday passed fairly uneventfully for me, thankfully. I was very glad to escape the long Scottish winter days and return to sunny Thailand. Hope everything's on the up for guys now x


  6. What a fab little package to brighten up the month and get you moving :-). I love the colour of the trainers, I really must get back in the gym or moving myself one day soon! Emily #MarvMondays

  7. What a lovely box, sounds as though they have thought of everything. Great choice on the trainers as well really love the colour :) #FartGlitter


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