Saturday 10 October 2015

Weekend Style # 11

It's weekend style time again, the weekends come and go far too quickly these days! This week I'm featuring Alfie and Elarna, quite pleased with the fact that Alfie has worn clothes more this week than being naked.....result! Ha. I had a cheeky little trip over to Next the other day, couldn't resist buying a few little bits and pieces (thankyou Next account, mat pay sucks!).

I have seen this blogger top doing the rounds on quite a few blogs recently and I HAD to get one for Elarna. My local Next is mahoosive and lo and behold it just jumped into my basket! This is in size 6-9 months and although it is big on the arms it actually fits beautifully! I struggled with what to put with it so opted to add pink accents with the leggings and hair bow to make it a little more girly. She's starting to look like a right chunk these days, bless her!

 Blogger Top (sizes 3 months - 6 years) - Next (From £4-£5)

Leggings (pack of 3) - Tu at Sainsburys (£6.00)

Headband - Just So Cute (Ebay) (£1.29)
The smiliest baby ever!
I confess, I bought a few things at Next (I cannot help myself!). I saw this NYC top for Alfie he had to have it. I am a sucker for so many of the clothes at Next but I am loving these baseball/basketball type tops, I just think they are awesome ..... they are so comfy, I even have my own that I love to chill out in (from New Look in case anyone is interested). I got this and his other tops in a size four, I figured that he's got tons of stuff in age three so best to start getting things in the next size kind of swamps him at the moment and kept slipping off his shoulder but I absolutely love it on! I added a pair of combats and I think they look pretty good with it.

As with all pictures of Alfie a certain amount of bribery took place for him to smile..... you can see the 'before and during' shots below to show you what happens when I try to get a semi decent picture of him these days! It's amazing what the offering of a donut can do.......

Navy Mesh NYC Top (sizes 3 - 16) - Next (From £8 - £13)

Navy Combat Trousers - Florence & Fred @ Tesco (unsure of cost)

Squashed teddy bear..... POA!

What do you think of the outfit choices this week? More to come next week! 

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  1. Great outfits, both very happy children! Mat pay does suck and I'm also thankful for my Next account x

  2. Oh how I love Next baby clothing, I'm so glad that I don't have a Next account, it would be lethal!
    Both children are looking beautiful as always.

    Thanks for linking with #WhatMyBabyWore

  3. Both outfits are adorable!!! :) I love the Blogger jumper, I have ordered that for my girls too xxx

  4. Gorgeous outfits! I feel like I may the the only baby fashion blogger without a next blogger top! Perhaps I need to get one? Haha x #weekendministyle

  5. Aw yay the blogger tee! It goes lovely with that colour of leggings and headband. Super cute! Her cheeky smile is hilarious too. I look forward to seeing it each week! Loving Alfie's oversized top. It looks super cool and he looks like he loves it too! Thanks so much for linking up with us petal and hope you had a great weekend :) #weekendministyle

  6. Love both outfits! We have that blogger top too - it's pretty much a necessity when you're a blogger isn't it?! xx

  7. Looks like you had a fab shopping trip! Leah SO needs one of them blogger tops. Both Alfie and Elarna look beautiful. Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

  8. I love the blogger tshirt with the co-ordinating leggings and headband. She's got such a gorgeous smile

  9. I have that blogger top too! Awesome round-up. She's a smiler! NEXT is great at the moment. #weekendministyle #TT_Thursday

  10. Aww! I think I am the only blogger who hasn't bought the Blogger top for their kids now haha #TT_Thursday


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