Monday 26 October 2015

I Want my 7:30am (ish) Boy Back!

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When we moved Alfie into his big boy bed earlier in the year, we invested in a groclock. Having read a hell of a lot of amazing reviews about this product we decided that it was definitely in our best interests to get one. For those that perhaps aren't aware, the groclock is a clock that helps children differentiate between the day and night time by using sun and star icons to help them identify it. I think it's a fantastic idea with such a simple concept, but was initially quite sceptical that it wouldn't work. I set his 'get up' time to 7:30am which was a fair time for him to wake and after a few days of explaining it to Alfie he really understood that when 'Mr. Sun' came up and the dial was yellow he could get out of bed. We would sometimes hear him wake up and watch him on the monitor and wait till the sun was there to come and see us.......I actually thought this was amazing! 7:30am wake ups are fantastic........

Or they were......

In the last three weeks or so things have changed some what and I don't know why! Gone is the nice 7:30ish wake up......

Instead, between 5:45am and 6:15am I am (usually) woken by the hall light been turned on, a few bumps on the stairs as his bottle is thrown down and then a lively toddler joining us in our bed. Wahhhhh, we then end up with limbs in our back, my hair being pulled and Milkshake been put on to try and give us a few extra minutes of precious snoozing before having to contend with the day. I know that some people have kids that get them up hugely earlier than this, but I just don't understand what has happened. Is it a dreaded 'phase'? Why, after months and months of regular 7:00/7:30 get ups has he suddenly decided that he needs to get up an hour earlier and why will he not stay in his bed anymore where as previously he would. I just do not understand! Erghhhh, I do hate it when things like this happen, I never know what to do for the best. I guess we read the accompanying book to him again and try enforce that 'Mr. Sun' means remain in bed, or we just suck it up. Hmmmmm.

I want my boy that sleeps till 7:30am back, any suggestions???


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  1. Aw I feel your pain. I often wonder how I ever managed to do all the 2 hourly breastfeeds at first with my two, as now if they dare to wake up 10 minutes earlier than usual I am traumatised for the day and barely able to function? I think we just become so precious about sleep having been through the newborn stages and our brains now just go into panic at the first sniff of disturbed sleep! The Gro clock looks like a brilliant idea though and it obviously worked initially. We might have to give this a try too. Good luck and I hope you get your sleepier tot back soon. Dawn x #FartGlitter

  2. It's a hideous phase, isn't it!! We found that Big Red did change back, so hopefully the same will happen for you. We ended up giving her a big banana just before bed which seemed to help a little. Plus we had a box of special morning toys which we left at the end of her bed each night just to try and encourage her to stay in her room for a little longer. I hope it gets better soon for you #fartglitter

  3. To some extent I think you either have an early riser or not, some of mine naturally need more sleep than others , some struggle going to bed and others go down fine but wake early. Best of luck in reordering that one, I hope Mr Sun does his work. #MagicMoments

  4. I'm digging deep to find some sympathy as we've never had a sleep past 6 ;-) . I had come to terms with that though and was quite put out when our tot decided 5am was a good wake up time on holiday....and continued to think so when we got home. Sob. It's not nice when they change things up on you, that's for sure. I think the clever Gro company should invent some form of electronic nanny to look after kids until a reasonable hour.
    Thanks so much for linking up to #fartglitter x

  5. I think it's just perseverance and putting him back to bed to reinforce that it's not morning. Maybe set the clock for 6:30 at first and then try pushing it back 5 mins at a time. #maternitymondays

  6. welcome to my world ;) I don't know how to do it. I did consider bricking up the window haha. If you come up with a solution, please let me be the first to know. I am now a paid up member to the 5-6am club and she's nearly 5 :( thanks for linking up my love #MaternityMondays

  7. Aw chick this is our world and has been on and off since last year! Some days she goes back to sleep and others not a chance! I have come to terms with an early riser...if fact it's next week's blog post lol xx #fartglitter

  8. Oh I have no idea. We are all over the place, 530 with shouting is our time of choice but I think the baby is disturbing him and while it's *nearly* enough sleep for him he's finding it tough to go back. Or he's just at that age. Sleep is my biggest issue at the moment xx

  9. We have just lost an hour and now Baby thinks getting up time is 5.30am, which I thought she had grown out of. Her usual time is about 6.20-30. Hope you get some more sleep soon x

  10. toddlers are just so unpredictable, I can never be 100% sure on what time bed time will be which makes evening plans a nightmare and don't even get me started on the mornings after the clocks have gone back! #magicmoments

  11. We have a grow clock too and Monkey went through the same for a while, to be honest we just kept reinforcing that the sun wasn't up yet and eventually he went back to normal. Thing is when you are still half asleep the last thing you feel like doing or if like me even think about doing is telling him the fun isn't up yet!! lol. I hope he gets back into his routine so you manage to get more sleep, if you find the magic answer please let me know as I am sure we will have the same problem again x #fartglitter

  12. we had this recently and realised that putting milkshake on meant we made a rod for our own backs .. hubs spent 2 weeks taking him back to bed every morning and now he has learnt to go back to sleep ... good luck
    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments


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