Saturday 3 October 2015

Weekend Style #10

I can hardly believe it's October and that it's the weekend again! These weeks are seriously going by so quickly now, it will be soon be Christmas....and the end of my maternity leave wahhhhh *sad face*. 

Yesterday Alfie had his nursery photos and Elarna was allowed to be pictured with him......cue huge stress about what they should wear! Last years photos were so good that I have high hopes for this year and from the poses that she put them in I reckon our bank account is going to be somewhat slimmer when we see the results, it looked like there was going to be some serious cute pics! 

Before I share their outfits I've got to show you another sleepsuit! I have been banging on about my love of cute sleepsuits for the past few weeks and this weeks is a gorgeous floral number from Next (of course). I was bought this as a set of 3 at my baby shower and I love it, so nice to have a change from pink but still be girly. I love sleepsuits that fasten down the side too instead of the middle too, so much easier to do up!

Sleepsuits (pack of 3) (usually around £16.00) - Next

So as I mentioned we had the photo shoot yesterday at Alfie's nursery, I only had the 'what the hell are they going to wear' thoughts at ohhh at about 8am yesterday morning (shoot was at 10:10am haha), anyway I had a (frantic) search through Elarna's wardrobe and chose this absolutely gorgeous dress that I bought in the Joules sale a couple of months ago! It's actually 6-9 months so wasn't sure if it would fit but it does, it's only a little big around the top but otherwise it's great. I love that it came with the matching knickers, always nice to be able to hide a nappy. I paired it with one of her bigger, pink bows to complete the look! I love that the dress has so much detail on the skirt, it is absolutely adorable. 

Just look at all of that detail on the gorgeous. Joules make the most beautiful clothes ever, their full price definitely reflects that though! 

Dress (unsure of cost as purchased in sale!) - Joules

For Alfie I chose one of my favourite shirts (see here Aunty Kat we love this shirt so much!)........he's worn this quite a few times because it is so lovely on him. I paired it with some skinny jeans, the cheeky monkey looks slightly demented in the below pictures but honestly trying to get this cheeky boy raise a smile means some serious bribery!

Patterned Shirt - Next

Skinny Jeans - Nutmeg

I'm really hoping that the photos turn out well, I'm dying for some professional ones of the two of them together I have just been far too lazy to organise one for them!

What do you think of our outfit choices this week?

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  1. I LOVE this dress! She looks gorgeous. And so does Alfie xx

  2. Those outfits are just adorable :) and the cheeky grin! Both gorgeous xxx

  3. Beautiful dress, I bet the photos will be lovely of them both x

  4. Oh they are so cute!! I hope that you get the most amazing photos! I love the sleepsuit, I'm going to be so sad when Zach stops wearing them as I love a baby in a sleepsuit! xx #weekendministyle

  5. Gorgeous. Joules is one of my absolute favourites for clothes for my girls. You have to watch out for the sales though as it is a little on the spendy side!

  6. Awww your munchkins look adorable in their outfits. The photos are going to be so nice x #weekendministyle

  7. Isla's nursery photos were this week too but she missed them due to chicken pox! Boooo! I bet yours turn out lovely! I know what you mean about organising professional photos, it can feel like such an effort haha. Loving all these little outfits! I liked the sleep suits that did up at the side too, so much easier! And the print on that dress is gorgeous! I love how she always wears headbands too. We love a headband. Alfie's shirt is awesome. Such a lovey fit and print. Thanks so much for linking up with us petal and hope you had a great weekend ☺️ #weekendministyle

  8. I can't believe it's October either. My little boy turns two this month, and I'm kind of in denial about that! I love the sleepsuit, such a lovely print. You picked two gorgeous outfits for the nursery photos. Lovely photos, and such happy faces #TT_Thursday xx

  9. Gorgeous outfits! Sydney lived in sleep suits until she was about 9 months old. They are so comfy and cosy! #TT_Thursday

  10. A lovely selection! The Sleepsuits look like they could be from Cath Kidston and the dress from Poppy England. Lovely! #TT_Thursday #WeekendMiniStyle

  11. I love LOVE Next sleepsuits! they're such good quality and have stored so well for 2.5 years in our loft that they're in perfect condition for our next baby! That Joules dress really is beautiful! What a lovely print! She looks extra cute with the bow!!!


  12. Lovely outfits for both your children, Alfie certainly looks smart and Elarna looks as adorable as ever. I remember thinking aout getting that dress for Leah too in the sale, its lovely! Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday


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