Monday 26 October 2015

Firework Safety - Stay Safe!

I really do love Autumn, it is such a beautiful time of year, the leaves changing, the slight chill in the year and lots of exciting events to look forward to. One of the things I really enjoy are fireworks and over the last couple of years we haven't seen any big displays because there has been the usual coughs and colds in the household or we have been too tired, but this year I am determined to take Alfie to watch a big display (and hopefully in our new house we will be able to watch one of the big ones nearby from our garden!). 

Obviously with fireworks comes a certain element of danger and it's always imperative to be aware of this and understand and follow the safety guidance provided to ensure that bonfire night is enjoyed to the max. After all it would be an awful shame for it be spoilt because of not being aware of the dangers. 

Take a look at this great infographic for more information about how you can stay safe on this colourful and exciting night.

Do you enjoy bonfire night? How do you stay safe?

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