Friday 3 January 2014

Vtech InnoTab 3S Review

I don't know if it's just Alfie or all toddlers but he always seems to be attracted to technology, be it our smart phones, laptop or tablet he always just wants to touch, feel and throw them around! When I read about the InnoTab 3S I was delighted that we could test it out. 

The InnoTab 3S is aimed at children between the ages of 3-9 (although Alfie is a little young for this didn't stop him from having fun pressing the buttons and playing with it).  Designed to offer age appropriate educational games, apps and more with built in wifi this children's tablet will provide endless hours of entertainment (and maybe a bit of peace for the parents!).

So what does it come with?

1 VTech Innotab 3S Learning Tablet (including 2 styluses)
1 Demonstration Video Cartridge
1 Learning Lodge Installation CD
1 USB Cable
1 Stylus String
1 Users Manual
2 Rechargeable Battery Packs
1 7.5 V AC/DC Adaptor

As you can see there is everything provided in the pack to get you started with the InnoTab 3S. 

It was very simple to set up, simply charge and turn on and set up a personalised profile (either your child can do this or an adult depending on the age of the child using it).  You can take a picture to set as a profile picture or pick one from the selection provided. 

To be able to use some of the features that you can see in the picture above on the home screen you need to register the tablet on Learning Lodge which is basically the central hub for managing the tablet and adding new games, e-books and videos etc. 

Alfie couldn't wait to have a play on it when we set it up charging, he loved turning it on an off and hearing the music when it powered up! At the moment with him only being 19 months I don't expect him to be using many of the features, but we did play the colour and pop game where you tap the paint pots for the colour and tap the picture on the screen to fill the areas with the colour, he seemed to enjoy that!

What is on the InnoTab 3S?

So included on the tablet already is: 

E-reader (1 book is included called What's that Noise?)
Games ( 3 included Colour and Pop, H20 Go! and My Magic Beanstalk)
Art Studio (To be connected to Learning Lodge)
Wonder Cam (Various setting and fully rotational)
Video Recorder
Kid Connect (To be connected to Learning Lodge)
Web Browser (To be connected to wifi)
Photos Gallery
Video Gallery
Wish List Maker (your child's wishes for apps etc can be put here)

You can see that even without having to download anything extra there is quite a bit included on there to keep children amused. I had a little play on it and it's quite simple and easy to use and the screen is quite responsive, the sound quality is also very clear. The actual tablet itself seems quite durable and robust so I'm hoping it would withstand those toddler strops!

Overall I have been really impressed with the InnoTab, I think it will get used alot as Alfie gets older, I'm hoping it will be useful on long car journeys! I like the fact that it will grow with him and we can adapt how it us used and what sort of apps can be used on it. My only negative I have found with it at the moment is that it can be a little slow to load the items once chosen from the home screen, otherwise all the apps and extras work brilliantly. You can purchase the InnoTab and other exciting dream toys from Argos, with a RRP of £99.99 I think it's excellent value for money considering what it is capable of and how long it should last. 

Has anyone else purchased an InnoTab? What are your thoughts?

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* Written in association with Argos Dream Toys. All the thoughts and opinions are that of my own. 


  1. This new innotab with a charger seems so much better. We have the innotab baby, and it eats batteries like crazy - which is a massive downside. This improvement of having a charger would make life so much easier!

    1. The charger is great, the battery life seems to be quite good although he doesn't have it on all the time at the moment as he's a bit young! Thanks for the comment Anna X

  2. What happened to classic toys like board games, jigsaws and books ,nowadays kids are getting techie toys so young.I guess its a new era.great review your little one seems to be enjoying it no doubt.

    1. I know what you mean, luckily Alfie isn't really interested in the TV or playing with this a great deal as he prefers to play with his books or toy garage :-) Thanks for the comment X

  3. What a great product, my brother who is 6 has his own laptop which I don't think is right he can access so much on there but I would be happy for him to have a innotab. Alfie looks like he is enjoying it to! Jess x

    1. I like the fact that it is designed for children but as parents we can still control everything on it, I think it will be useful for him in the next few years :-) X

  4. Ethan has the innotab 2 - the improvements made in 3 just look amazing - I wish we could afford to get the three to compare it to the two! Looks like your boy is going to have So much fun with it though :D

    1. Haha yes that would be quite an expense!! I'm hoping he will love it in the next few months as he starts to use it more. Thanks for the comment! x

  5. These little tablets are great for travel purposes. Think definitely more suited to the younger children as i have a 7 year old and he prefers the standard tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy, probably because of the huge array of downloadable apps. Really good review.

    1. Thanks Francesca, you're probably right, I'm hoping it will make long journeys more bearable :-) Thankyou for your comment XX

  6. What is it with kids and technology? My friends children are always fascinated by phones and the second they see me, they want to show me this and that. what a great idea to have a tablet made for children!

    1. Haha I know, they love it!! I think it's such a good idea and I love that you can change what it does depending on the childs age. XX

  7. My four-year-old nephew got this for Christmas and he's addicted :) My sister-in-law said you can get cartridges (?) that go inside rather than downloading stuff and creating an online account - just a tip for the future :)

    1. That's right, oops probably should have mentioned that in the review. Such a good idea isn't it!! Thanks for the comment X


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