Friday 17 January 2014

OBaby Cube Highchair/Table - Review

Let me set the scene.....

Mummy needs to get toddler into high chair/car seat/nappy etc etc.

Toddler decides this is not what toddler wants and suddenly becomes rigid/becomes a starfish/flails about/headbutts you in nose/kicks you in eye etc.

Irate toddler starts screaming/crying/having a total meltdown.

Stressed Mummy ends up losing the will to live/rocks in a corner/threatens said toddler with no satsuma/walk/treat/or just gives toddler what they want to get them into high chair/car seat/ nappy etc. 

Well this sort of scenario has become more frequent in our household and my god I did not realise how strong Alfie is, a solution was required! 

Recently I have discovered the OBaby Cube Highchair , this great piece of equipment has saved me from some pretty epic toddler meltdowns and for that I am truly thankful.

Now let me share a little secret with you, not only is this a high chair but this bad boy converts into a mini table and chair.......brilliant!! This is actually what enticed me to this product as Alfie already has a pretty good high chair but with the difficulties of getting him in to it and getting him to stay put can be an issue at times. My thoughts were if he feels like he has a bit more freedom this could be the answer, plus they mini tables and chairs are used at nursery so he is used to them. 

On arrival I thought this is going to take an age to put together but as I designated it a 'blue job', hubby got on the case and made it up super quickly. The instructions, even though it seemed to be complicated were actually quite simple to follow and concise so the whole thing only took about 10 minutes to make. 

What I love about this is just how easy it is to change from being a high chair to the table and chair, you simply remove the safety bar, tray and harness, remove the seat and turn the table onto it's side and that's all there is to it! To remove the tray you just squeeze the catches and it and comes on and off with no bother at all. 

It's no bigger than your average sized high chair and it fits nicely into a corner where Alfie can sit and draw or have snacks, I keep it as a table and chair and use his other high chair when we eat at the table which works well for us. 

The highchair itself is made from natural wood and is very sturdy when assembled, it can be cleaned using soapy water or baby wipes and so far is faring well from toddler rage and throwing things on it! There are a few small (and I mean small) dents but I think that's to be expected and it's certainly not anything that has made me feel disappointed in the quality. My only negative aspects to this are that you have to buy a safety harness/insert separately which in all honestly I do think should be included as standard, also the seat is a little hard but you can buy an insert/harness for about £14.99 should you want it. Also there is nowhere to store they tray when it's made up as the table and chair, I just tuck the tray down the back in the gap as you can see in the pictures below. Other than those minor points I think this is a brilliant product and it's been tested rigorously over the last few weeks and we've had several family and friends say just how good it is. 

The OBaby cube highchair costs £54.99 with free delivery from Argos I think this is excellent value for money and I think we will be using this for quite a while so a very worthwhile product to have!

Has anyone else used this sort of multi-use product?
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* Please note that this was written in association with Argos but the thoughts and opinions are that of my own. 


  1. Ohhhh my word I love it , wow I so wish I knew about this before its amazing, thank you for sharing this .x

    1. Thanks Hannah, honestly it's life saver, he really does love it :-) Thankyou for the comment X

  2. i had this for all ine soo easy and solid that they can be passe down for years x

  3. My daughter had one of these years ago they were brilliant as we got years of use from it.

    1. I can see that it will last a while, I think he'll get loads of use from it :-) xx

  4. Wow, what a funky and unusual piece of 'furniture'. Alfie looks to love his own little table and chair, I can see why you liked it so much. It looks really well made also! I think a lot of things, whether for children or otherwise these days, are poorly made with little thought or care. Great post!

    1. Thanks Erika, contrary to the photos where he looks a tad grumpy he does like it alot, he also likes to use it as a climbing frame at times!! Thanks for your lovely comment XX


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