Wednesday 8 January 2014

Lush Stardust Gift Box - Review

I know I'm a bit late on the bandwagon with Christmas gifts etc but I just had to feature this amazing Lush Stardust gift set I received. It's sort of an unwritten rule at Christmas that the hubby will get me a Lush gift set of some sort and this year was no exception (and it's been my favourite Lush collection to date!). I literally could sniff and inhale the scent of these Lush items all day long, cannot get enough of the sweet and yummy scents of all the items included. 

Can you guess why Adi chose this for me? :-) 

Of course you can! 

So what's included I hear you ask?

Included in this gorgeous pink, sparkly star of sweetness are 6 delicious Lush products to make me smell like a sweet shop, fabulous!

I received: 

Rock Star soap, my absolute favourite soap of all times, it smells like candy and it lathers beautifully and this will definitely not last long in my house. 

Candy Mountain bubble bar, this is the pink and white pyramid shaped item. It's vanilla scented and should produce candy pink, pearly bubbles once in water, gorgeous!

Snow Fairy shower gel, I received this last year and loved it. It smells exactly like pear drops, as in the hard boiled sweets and it has little particles of glitter in it so it's shimmery on application. 

From L-R: Snow fairy shower gel, snow fairy sparkle, candy mountain bubble bar and star light star bright bath melt.

Snow Fairy sparkle, I think this is like a soapy, massage bar, it's shocking pink in colour and smells yummy, can't wait to use it. 

Star Light Star Bright bath melt, this silver star COVERS you in silver, no word of a lie I picked this up and was covered in a silver lustre, once crushed into a bath the water is supposed to turn into a silvery pool of light, oohhh exciting!! 

Finally, Space Girl bath ballistic, one of the classic Lush bath bombs that add a touch of fizz to the bath water and create an explosion of fragrance and colour. This smells so fruity!

From L-R: Space girl bath ballistic and rock star soap.

I can honestly say this has been my favourite Lush Christmas gift box to date, this is literally like the perfect selection of products for me and the box it comes in is just gorgeous. Not only did I get this gift box I was also treated to a chunk of Angel's Delight soap which is fruity in scent and is a feast on the eyes with a nice multicoloured design, also embedded in the soap is glitter and small silver and gold stars which you can just make out in the picture below. So cute!

Apologies once again for the delay in posting this, I have only just got around to actually looking through the box and seeing what was included. Sadly this is a Christmas gift box so you may only be able to pick it up in the sale at the moment but otherwise you can buy some of the items individually throughout the year. 

Did anyone else buy or receive this gift box? If not did you receive any other Lush items that you love?

I'm now off to fill my bathroom with the sweet, candy scents of these beauties and try to relax in the bath for 10 minutes!

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  1. Ohhh I am jealous this is lush, (completely intended that). I love everything about it and can imagine the smells filling your bathroom right now. So pretty too!!

    1. Haha, they smell soooo good!!! Smells so good I could eat them (but I won't!). XX

  2. I love lush products - when you walk past the shops they smell so fabulous! Lucky you!!!


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