Thursday 23 January 2014

Enchanted Interiors Nursery Wall Stickers - Review

There comes a time when a child's nursery needs to be redecorated or spruced up. When I originally decorated Alfie's room I wanted it to be quite neutral and something that would last so we opted just to simply paint the walls and apply a border with teddies on it and accessorize with matching bedding. Recently I have been thinking that he might need something a bit more colourful and fun but with minimal effort to jazz it up a bit. 

Enchanted Interiors offer a perfect solution to this, beautiful and high quality fabric wall stickers in a variety of colourful designs solve this problem.

I chose the enchanted royal knights and dragons sticker set, what little boy doesn't like dragons and knights!! I thought it had just the right amount of fun and variety to make his room look great. As you can see in the picture below this is what is included in the sticker set and this is a suggestion of how they can be arranged on the wall but obviously they can be arranged as you like. 

On arrival the stickers came securely packaged in a large, extra strong tube, they were pristine when I unrolled them and I was over the moon with how beautiful and professional the stickers were, I thought Alfie's room is going to look fab once these are on the wall! 

So what is included? 

1 x Enchanted Tree 103cm Wide x 118cm High
1 x Castle 45cm Wide x 96cm High
1 x Knight 31cm Wide x 34cm High
1 x Horse 44cm Wide x 37cm High
1 x Rainbow 55cm Wide x 29cm High
1 x Sleeping Dragon 53cm Wide x 33cm High
1 x Standing Dragon 40xm Wide x 58cm High
2 x Flying Dragons
1 x Treasure Chest
6 x Coins
83 x Leaves
3 x Clouds
10 x Stars
7 x Rocks

As you can see from the list above you get sent alot of stickers (119 in total) in this scene so it's just a case of deciding how to arrange them on the wall.  The tree is on one whole sheet in sections for ease of sticking up and on the other sheets are various dragons, knights and other suitable additions to add to the scene. 

The colours are so vivid and the sizing of the included images are much bigger than anticipating really adding to the effect on the walls. 

The brilliant thing about these stickers is they are completely self - adhesive and can be removed and re-positioned should you wish to move them about or re-position if you're not happy with the original choice of location. 

I particularly love the rainbow and the patterned stars along with all the different dragons they are just fabulous. 

Overall, I have been so impressed with the quality of these stickers, they are some of the nicest nursery stickers that I have seen, they will make a little boy or girls room very special indeed and I'm certain that as Alfie gets older he is going to love them being in his room and making stories out of the creatures and scene that he can see in his room. 

You can purchase these wall stickers for £145.95 but as I said earlier in the post there are many varieties and other options that will suit varying budgets if you don't want to go for a full scene like this one. I can't recommend them highly enough. 

My only debate was what colour to paint the wall and how to arrange the stickers!!
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* Please note I was kindly sent the stickers for free  for review purposes, all the views and opinions are that of my own.


  1. These look fantastic!!
    So bright and colourful x

  2. These are so cute I love the rainbow one.

  3. We had stickers like this for my little girl when she was younger, she absolutely loved them! xx

    Charli | Secrets Behind The Closet Door

    1. They are great idea, I like the idea that you could make up different stories using the stickers X

  4. how cute the dragons are just what my son would love x

  5. I want those dragons in my room! my kitten would love jumping to the wall to try and eat them! haha xx

  6. These look fun! I love the dragons ... would love to have a room to put some of those up for my own amusement! ;-)

  7. I do like a wall sticker to jazz up a room! :-)

  8. These look really nice.

    Rachel Craig

  9. I love this way of brightening up and personalising a room! They didn't have these when my children were small - but I am in time for the grandchildren!


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