Wednesday 29 January 2014

Guest Post - Cheer up your Home with Spring Flowers

I absolutely love having fresh, colourful flowers in the house, I really do think it's good for the soul and cheers the place up on a dull and dreary day. In this post, Kelly from the Great British Florist company talks us through some beautiful flower choices to help with just that.

Cheer up your Home with Spring Flowers

I’m fairly confident in assuming that I’m not the only one who’s well and truly bored of winter now… I right? Although I’m not really gonna complain too much, I think we've had it pretty darn good so far, I haven’t had to don my snow boots once at all. I am however, dying to get some windows open (yes I’m very guilty of leaving them locked shut when it’s cold out), get some washing on the line, and do a spot of spring cleaning, then fill my home with some lovely spring flowers….ahhh it’s the simple things.

Here are a few ideas on how to brighten up your home this spring.


I’ll start with my all-time lovelies- Tulips. What I love most about them is that there are so many colours and shades to choose from, quite literally, hundreds. We all know of the ultra-trendy Ombre theme right? Well, this year I’ll definitely be trying it with my flowers at home. Maybe buying them in about three or four different shades of pink or purple and a white, then simply arranging them from dark to light for something a little bit different. To get maximum impact, I’d say keep the stems fairly short and of the same height and arrange in a long, rectangular style vase so you can really see the effect. Fabulous!

Cheery Daffodils

I still remember wayyy back in the day; as soon as the daffodils bloomed I’d go right out and pick them for my Mum. She’d pop them in a jar (sometimes a milk bottle) and sit them on the kitchen windowsill. How lovely! If you have quite a thick bunch, they look beautiful squashed together, in a short, clear vase as a centre piece. Or, because of their long, sturdy stems look fab singularly in a tall thin vase. Place 3 together and you have a cute little arrangement. The great thing about daffs is that they really are quite inexpensive, so you have no excuses for your home to be anything but cheery this spring.

Something a bit Vintage

Now, everywhere I go, vintage seems to be THE thing. From clothing and accessories, to hairstyles and furniture, so why not your flowers? How fetching would a bunch of wild, handpicked flowers look in a pretty painted jug? I know they’re very popular at weddings right now and would look equally as gorgeous in your home. I’m thinking wild poppies, daisies, bluebell, meadow buttercups (which are the larger ones) and blue cornflower which have the most amazingly striking blue/purple hue. Add some greenery from the garden and you have a unique and wonderful display of vintage looking blooms.

This article was written by Kelly of the Great British Florist, nationwide floristry specialising in British Flowers that smell wonderful and look gorgeous!
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  1. I love fresh flowers this time of year....Certainly makes me feel a bit less grumpy!

    1. Absolutely, makes everything seem a bit nicer doesn't it! x

  2. Absolutely love spring flowers and just bought fresh pink tulips frosted in white, yesterday. Ranunculus are also a favorite.

    1. Oh lovely, they sound perfect for brightening up your home :-) x

  3. Flowers are the thing that can cheer up anything whether it is person of place. They just make the surrounding beautiful and fresh. All the spring flowers shown in the pics looks very pretty. Thanks for sharing.

    James Carmouche


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