Thursday 9 November 2017

Winter Cruising.

I've always wanted to go on a cruise, I'm not a huge fan of flying so this could be a good alternative. I've heard so many amazing things about cruising and the ships that I'm intrigued. Sadly my husband isn't so keen but I'm trying to convince him. I think alot of people have the impression that it's a bit of an older generation thing to do but more often these days I'm hearing of couples, families and younger people heading off on a cruise. I mean lets face it, what better way is there to see the world. So with cruising on my mind, I've put together a selection of cruises to whet your appetite in conjunction with Bolsover Cruise Club.

  • With December just around the corner what about a trip to the Christmas markets and rivers of Germany. It's well known that Germany have the best Christmas markets and what better way to visit them by having a small, intimate cruise to welcome the festive season.

  • If you fancy something a bit warmer and more tropical how about a Caribbean cruise, oh there is so many to choose from but one thing that's certain is you'll certainly soak up the Caribbean atmosphere and come back with a golden tan.

  • If you don't fancy sunnier climates then a city cruise could  be for you. I'm desperate to go back to New York so I love the idea of the New York - New York cruise which also stops at Amber Cove, Dominican Republic, Castries, Bridgetown, St.Kitts, English Harbour, Antigua then back to NYC. How amazing does that sound?

  • If you don't relish the thought of going on a cruise that is family friendly there is also the option of adult only cruises. Now I'm totally for these adult only holidays after having kids, if you want to relax with no screaming or crying children (which I can totally get) then adults only cruise options are great.

  • Another cruise that sounds amazing that I would love to do is the Asian and Australia option. I'm not as bothered about Australia but would love to go back to Bali and visit Singapore and this encompasses these. Calling at Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali and then Australia. 
Another huge benefit of cruising as I mentioned above is it's a brilliant alternative to travel somewhere and see the world if you're not keen on flying (like me!). There is so much to do on board these huge ships that I've been reliably informed that your days will be so busy on board that time will pass super quickly. 

Have you been cruising? Any recommendations?

* Collaborative content. 


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