Sunday 12 November 2017

Hair Care Tips

Over the years I've very much had a love/hate relationship with my hair. I've inherited my Mother's curly and unruly locks (thanks Mum) and when I was a child no one and I mean no one seemed to know what to do with it. I ended up with the classic bowl haircut that ended up just sticking out in all directions......and no I'm not sharing a photo! Over the years I've learnt how to deal with it (thank goodness for hair straighteners) and I can now calm the curls and am reasonably happy with it. I think it's fair to say that my hair has been through alot though, I've dyed it for many years, been through 2 pregnancies, straightened it, curled it and experimented with a variety of products and styles. I'm pretty confident to say I know my hair and what does it good and what doesn't so thought I would share a few hair tips with you all.

  • Get to know your hair. If you're not sure what your hair type is pop along to your local hairdressers for them to analyse it, they can then give you an indication what products would be good to use on it. Ensure you go to a reputable hairdresser for knowledgeable and up to date advice, Top1one is able to offer you a contemporary and professional experience as well as share their expertise ensuring a quality service.

  • Be aware the effects that pregnancy can have on your hair. During both my pregnancies and afterwards my hair was absolutely glorious. Full, bouncy, shiny and thick. Fast forward to my youngest being 2 and my hair is only just starting to recover from all the crazy hormones. I also lost quite alot of hair after both pregnancies which was a shock and it's quite incredible just how much hair can come out! So much so that a hair transplant could have been an option! Kind of like the advance tricho pigmentation transplant which is designed to replicate the appearance of naturally growing hair follicles for people with little to no hair.

  • Don't over wash your hair, although you feel you want to wash it daily it can actually then start over producing oils making it greasier. 

  • Similarly, don't use too many products for the same reason as above, I found this out the hard way that less is definitely more, I tend to stick to a rich moisturising treatment twice a week and hair oil.

  • Use a leave in conditioner or treatment overnight if you're able to. I only get the chance to do this a few nights a year due to time but when I do my hair does feel in such good condition the next day when its been washed. 

  • Be brave, if you fancy changing your hair colour or fancy chopping it all off go for it! The best thing about your hair is it will either grow back or you can dye it back, no harm is ever really done. I change my hair colour so much through the year, sometimes it's worked out sometimes it hasn't but its fun trying!

  • Finally, learn to love your hair. It may take a while but once you accept that the hair you've got isn't going anywhere it's alot easier to learn how to manage it.

So these are my hair care tips, have you got any that you'd like to add?

* Collaborative content.

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