Monday 27 November 2017

Kiddiewinkles Storage Basket *Review*

Storage is something I am always searching for, it's a real bug bear of mine. I never know what's a good option to store toys in, we have a variety and such a mismatch, it's quite annoying. When we were asked if we wanted to review a personalised storage basket I could hardly turn it down. In fact, Elarna has very little storage in her room so this was a welcome item to review. 

Firstly this basket is incredible quality. The Kiddiewinkles storage basket feels beautiful and is super strong, but really quite soft at the same time. It is also pretty big and takes up quite alot of room in Elarna's room but it's such a decent size it stores alot of items and therefor it's a winner. At the moment we're using it to store toys in but I think eventually we'll store teddies and soft toys in it, in fact there seems to be a few already creeping in there. The basket also has two strong handles on it for easy transportation and they're available in a variety of colours and designs to bled in with any interior. 

The personalisation is a really lovely touch and it makes the storage basket extra special. There are a wide variety of colours and patterns available to choose from and retail for around £20.00. It's hard to fully describe just how roomy they are but I can promise you that they fit a ton of stuff!! 

What do we love?

  • The colours, the pattern and the embroidery! So pretty.
  • The size, you can fit so much stuff in them
  • The handles, really useful for transporting from room to room
  • The quality. It's lovely material, it's clear will last for a long time
  • The choice available, there is something for everyone
  • Easy for children to reach into and find their toys and with no hard edges it's safe for the child

Anything we're not so keen on?

  • As much as I've said it's big and this is great however it can be hard to locate what you're looking for in the basket, especially if it's on the small side and it's drifted down to the bottom!
  • The price....could maybe be a little lower
  • Other than this we love it and it's so handy!

Anyone else struggle with their storage solutions? What do you think of the Kiddiewinkles storage basket?

* Please note we were kindly sent the storage basket free of charge in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. This is really nice but agree on the price tag as we have a very similar one that was about a fiver from Aldi! That said its really pretty.Thanks for hosting #bloggersbest

  2. If you came to my house once Henry was in bed, you would think I didn't have kids. All his toys are perfectly hidden in an array of baskets. However this Kiddiewinkles storage basket is super cute and I love that its personalised. Great for putting all presents in this Christmas. x Renee #bloggersbest

  3. That is absolutely precious! I would see that being a beautiful present for a newborn actually and have a couple of ladies in mind! Thank you for or sharing. #bloggersbest

  4. Ah I looked at something like this for Piglet. Love the personalisation. xx #bloggersbest

  5. Ahh! That is so pretty! I will have to keep these in mind when I decorate my girls room next year x #bloggersbest

  6. My folks live in France next to a vineyard, so we have wine boxes as storage for the kids! Free and lots of scope for individualising! #bloggersbest

  7. I love the look of this storage basket - I'm sure my daughter would love one. Su #bloggersbest

  8. I love the pink and stars pattern - it's very cute!

  9. We have baskets like this in blue - so handy to hide all the cr*p! #bloggersbest


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