Thursday 23 November 2017

Autumn/Winter Beauty Trends *Eyes*

*They say the eyes are the window to the soul so you should make the most of them. My eyes are perhaps my favourite feature of my face so I always try and make the effort with my eye makeup on a day to day basis and when I'm going out I spend extra time on them making sure they really pop and are a focal point. I love doing my eye makeup, I find it calming and although I'm far from being an expert I like to think I know what works well for me. With that being said I thought it would be nice to share some of my favourite trends leading up to the party season.

  • The smokey eye - this trend will never grow old, the classic, dark and mysterious eye. What I like about the smokey eye is you can either go full on out glamorous with tons of black and grey eyeshadow, or silver and glam it up or wear it day to day and fairly neutral. It really is an all rounder. Make sure you get a decent black (I prefer kohl) eyeliner, it really makes the smokey eye.

  • If you want something a bit more colourful and 'out there' how about the graphic eye. Bright and bold using neon colours to really make your eyes stand out it's not for the faint hearted. For all your professional beauty and makeup needs to achieve something like the graphic eye then beauty supplies from Ellisons (wholesale only) is your one stop shop. 

  • Metallic eyes are all the rage at the moment, there is so many different type of metallic/chrome eyeshadows available it's a bit of a minefield to know which to choose. Personally, for me I tend to stick to silvers, pinks, purples and golds as they look stunning but I think the key is finding the colour you feel comfortable with. Be brave and go for it, metallic eyes look hot. 

  • If you're not keen to try the metallic look how about glitter. You cannot beat a bit of glitter at Christmas! Similarly to the smokey eye you can be subtle with glitter by using a simple glitter eyeliner to covering your lids in glitter, glitter and more glitter to really make an impact. I think it totally sums up the festive season.

These are just a handful of tips, but the key is to experiment and find your comfort zone and occasionally step out of it. It is alot of fun playing around with makeup and seeing as it's the season to be jolly I say go for it!

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