Wednesday 15 November 2017

Mickey & The Roadster Races Pit Crew Tool Kit *Review*

Tool kits......not just for boys eh! I say that tongue in cheek really as all this gender malarkey that's going on at the moment is a bit tiresome isn't it. These days I tend to just let my children gravitate towards what they want to play and am not really bothered about whether it's targeted at boys or girls. A prime example of this is Elarna absolutely loving this little Mickey Mouse Pit Crew tool kit. As soon as it arrived she has not been able to put it down, quite the little DIY Queen in the making, perhaps! Or perhaps she's a car mechanic in training ready to fix and mend any broken down vehicle's that have maybe been in a road traffic accident.

This fab little tool kit has zero need for anything to be put together or made, it's ready to go as soon as you've removed the protective wrapping. It comes with 23 tools including a mallet (hellooooooo noisy banging) and 2 wrenches, it even comes with a working peg board also for added interaction. It's also designed to look just like the ones that Mickey uses on the hit TV show 'Mickey and the Roadster Racers'. 

Aimed at age 3 and above I would say this is an accurate age range. Elarna is 2 1/2 and although absolutely loves it she did need a hand with the peg board, she was however excellent at using the hammer and having a go with the screwdriver. She's been carrying it for room to room lately seeing what work she can carry out!

What do we love?

  • There are so many bits included in the kit! There is a mallet, flat head screwdriver, 2 wrenches, play metal plates, screws, nuts and nails

  • Light enough to be carried by little hands. It's also a decent size to add any extra tools too if so required

  • The attention to detail.....check out the little Mickey Mouse screws below, utterly adorable and I love these little touches

  • The price, a very reasonable retail price of £14.99, this won't break the bank and would be a great present for any Mickey Mouse fan

What are we not so keen on?

  • Mostly we love it and there isn't much we aren't keen on other than it is a little flimsy and I can see that something might break easily......especially if Elarna keeps banging as vigorously that she has been!

  • The packaging it came in I found ridiculously hard to idea why, there was probably an easy way to remove it but I failed to find it!

As you can see Elarna has been very much enjoying playing with it. I actually really love that she's chosen to keep playing with it, when I was younger from what I can remember I used to play with your classic 'girly' toys and as such, now at 33 years old don't really have the first clue about DIY so I'm quite keen for Elarna to be a bit more savvy so I'm encouraging her to embrace the concept of DIY at this early age.....start her young!

What do you guys think of the Mickey Mouse Road Racer's Pit Crew Tool Kit? Pretty cool?

* Please note we were kindly sent the tool kit free of charge in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are our own.


  1. This looks so awesome! #BloggersBest

  2. I do love a good bit of Mickey paraphanalia. Unfortunately my children are not yet at the age of Disney appreciation. Their time will come! Reading all of these reviews is making me excited to start Christmas shopping. #bloggersbest

  3. That's brilliant! My girls used to love all things Disney and my youngest would really have liked this; she always preferred boy toys. Great to see your little one getting into DIY already, you'll be set up for life if she carries on #bloggersbest x

  4. My sons absolutely love Mickey mouse! Will definitely be checking this out #bloggersbest

  5. Aw bless her I think my little baby would love this in a year or so as loves most toys. Love her face. She can start helping Adi xx #bloggersbest

  6. Ah that looks fun and it looks like Elarna enjoyed playing with it too! Thanks for hosting #bloggersbest

  7. Aw, how cute! I think boys and girls should play with whatever takes their fancy, and it's good that there are parents like you who allow it! This is such a cute little gift - love the mickey screws. :) #bloggersbest


  8. What a cute little set, looks like she is really getting into it X #blogggersbest

  9. L has this and loves it. It comes with so much doesn't it. Though I managed to get in a right pickle getting the packaging off! #bloggersbest

  10. Next step, get Elarna onto some Ikea flatpack furniture and she is good to go. haha. Henry when he was in his baby groups at nursery, would play with anything and used to watch My Little Pony all the time. However now he is in a bigger class with 4 year olds, he seems to now only play with 'boys' toys. Except he does love running in the nursery garden with a pram up and down hills, haha. Love the pics of Elarna x #bloggersbest x

  11. Oh packaging drives me crazy too! Great toy for working on motor skills #bloggersbest

  12. My daughter would absolutely love this too. At the moment she goes around with pretend hammers and uses one of my scarves as a tool belt. It's so cute. This looks like such a great little set!

  13. This looks like a lot of fun for the whole family!


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