Thursday 23 November 2017

Christmas Gift Guide 2017!

Eeee it's nearly Christmas!!! In about 4 weeks it'll all be over with but that's OK as we've still got lots of excitement, anticipation and visits to Santa to look forward to prior to the 'big day'. If you're stuck for inspiration or wondering what to buy your loved ones or ideas for Santa to bring I'm hoping this selection can help. So read on and I hope you enjoy my Christmas gift guide for 2017. There is a wide variety items, so hopefully there will be something for everyone. So let's begin!

The Eternity Rose (RRP £109.00). This is truly something special, if you're looking for something unique and stunning then this could be the gift to give your loved one. Glazed and edged with 24 karat gold, lustrous and shiny this is a rose to be seen. Available in a variety of finishes and presented in a stylish PU leather box it would make a cherished gift. The rose is a recognised symbol of through the world so I'm certain would make someone very happy. 

It really is beautiful, the pictures really don't do it justice. It would look great in a really simple vase to really set it off. It's exquisite.

Next up......smellies!! Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without smellies right? Malee Natural Science would be a great choice for Mum, Grandma or your wife. Combining luxurious fragrance with natural, active ingredients means you really in for a spa like experience.

The verdure body lotion (RRP £20.00) smells divine and leaves your skin feeling totally moisturised from head to toe. A little goes a long way!! I also love a room spray and think this would make a great little stocking filler (RRP £34.00), once again it smells lovely and you only need a couple of squirts to keep your rooms fresh and fragranced so will last a long time. 

Another lovely stocking filler idea are candles. These beautiful and fresh scented, hand made, wax candles by Lasair (RRP £15.00) are delightful, they also look super pretty too with their elegant votive and silver topped lid. 

Irish Linen is deep fragrance scented with notes of cotton, jasmine, muguet, patchouli and clove while Saffron Meadow is fresh and fruity with notes of citrus, saffron, geranium, patchouli and cedar. If you know someone who loves a candle these would be a lovely option. 

With the chilly weather creeping up on us, it's so important to keep warm and what better way to do it that with a scarf or a pashmina. I love a nice scarf and have several so I really liked this beautiful selection of beautiful pashmina's and scarves that I was sent to review. I know my Mum would love to receive a scarf and My Scarf Shop has a great selection at affordable prices. My favourite has to be the pink one.....soft, warm and luxurious. 

One of my favourite things to receive at Christmas has to be a handbag. When my husband bought me a Ted Baker bag a couple of years ago I was absolutely delighted!! If you're looking to spoil the lady in your life then a bag would be a great option, practical and stylish and well worth investing in. This beautiful Ted Baker is so pretty to look at and I'm sure would raise a smile. For some inspiration head on over to Love the Sales there is tons of choice and there is a bag for everyone. I've got my eye on several a bag! 

On to some options for the children. Having 2 kids, a boy and a girl I do try and find them toys that they can both play with as well as individual toys. We love wooden toys and this beautiful, wooden Little Red Riding set by SRI Toys is lovely. I would say Elarna played with it more but Alfie definitely enjoyed playing with them for a short amount of time. 

Brightly coloured and each piece painted with intricate detail it really is a lovely set. This would be a well received gift I'm certain of it. There is over 2000 different wooden sets available so something for everyone's interests.

How about this fabulous marble run? This is something I hadn't considered for my two but it's been an absolute hit and the beauty of this particular model is there are a ton of different combinations you can build to make it fun and exciting each time. The company Hape have a huge selection of toys to choose from with a variety of different marble runs, we've been testing the Medieval Quest out and I can't recommend it enough, head over and check out the website.

If it's something more speedy you're after or you have a child that likes playing with cars perhaps the My First Scalextric (RRP £39.99) is the one to choose. Alfie absolutely loves it!! It's simple to put together and the mini cars are easy to pop on the track and operate......they are flipping quick though be warned!! Alfie and Daddy have had numerous competitions racing against each other, a very, very good item for a car mad child (and Dad!). It's a really excellent introduction to the scalextric brand and controlling remote control toys, the cars are very simple to operate and this would be a ton of fun on Christmas day without a doubt! 

I don't know about you but I think it's nice to receive practical gifts for Christmas, so how about some new bedding on Christmas Eve to make putting the kids to bed (possibly) a bit easier? Room to Grow have a lovely selection of bedding like this gorgeous owl set (RRP £32.00) there is something so cute about owls isn't there and this single duvet is just the loveliest set!

If it's not bedding you need how about some bed storage. I cannot tell you how useful this bedside pocket organiser also from Room to Grow (RRP £20.00) is. Alfie likes to have loads of stuff randomly hidden in his bed (think Lego bricks, cars, teddies, stickle bricks etc etc), he also likes to have a torch near him too in case he needs to get out of bed so this organiser has been invaluable. If you are looking for a practical gift for a hoarder then this would be ideal!

Now onto a handful of ideas for the man in your life! This personalised Moet is guaranteed to put a smile on his face, you can add a loving message or maybe a cheeky one on depending on how you feel! With a RRP of £59.99 it's definitely a treat but Christmas is the time of giving! There is the option of adding more than 1 line of text so you can really make the bottle as personalised you wish. This would make a lovely gift and there are lots of other champagne gifts available on Gifts Online 4 U so please have a look.

This is from one of my absolute favourite website's, Firebox sell unique and quirky gifts, there are some amazing items there and I could spend an age browsing. I chose this Star Theatre Planetarium (RRP £109.99), bring the universe into your home and beam constellations, shooting stars and mimics celestial moments. It would make a special gift and pretty relaxing I imagine......staring up at the ceiling as if in space is pretty cool right!

Star Theatre Planetarium

Next up, smellies for men!! I generally get my man some aftershave or shower stuff, Christmas isn't the same without smellies and I love Ted Baker so this rather manly selection of eau de toilette (3 bottles) is a nice gift. Retailing for £24.00 these would be great to pop in a stocking. 

Lastly I just had to feature this gorgeous wooden Christmas Eve box and 'Anyone for Drinks' tray. These lovely items are from With a Cherry on Top. There is a whole range of these lovely wooden items to choose from to fill with goodies on Christmas Eve. I absolutely LOVE the drinks tray (RRP £15.00) and have already been using it, definitely an all year round item for us! 

The Christmas Eve box (RRP £27.50) I will be filling with an assortment of items for us and the children, I am going to be putting some new festive PJ's in it, chocolate, bubbles, Christmas books and some other little festive treats to make Christmas eve as magical as it can be. What I like about this website is you can personalise the items, they are lovingly hand crafted and can be painted in whichever colour you prefer. I love the silver/grey colour on ours and the script written on is beautiful.

If you like the look of these I can offer you a 10% discount on the website by simply entering the code helsbels10 when checking out. So head on over to the website and have a browse and maybe purchase a tray or a box....or both!! 

So this completes my Christmas gift guide.....phew! Got there in the end, I hope there is somthing that appeals or has given you a spark of inspiration. Tis the season to be jollly and all that!! 

* Please note some of these items have been kindly gifted to me, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Some lovely ideas there, I agree a nice new handbag is always good #thatfridaylinky x

  2. Hi, a nice selection of gifts. I love the Ted Baker bag and candles always make for a great stocking filler #bloggersbest

  3. Some fantastic gift ideas, thank you. However love the idea of my own Christmas eve box filled with prosecco, pjs, oooo maybe a book I will never read and some hefty age dyfying eye cream. Sod the kids, they get Christmas day. Eve is all about me. Renee #bloggers best - ps some great ideas for Henry, thank you x

  4. Beautiful gifts in this list. I really like the personalised Moet! That would look good on my christmas table as a pat on the back to all of us for getting through another year and enjoying it all:)

  5. Lots of lovely gift ideas here! I haven’t even started shopping yet and am panicking just slightly! Right! Off to look at some of these ideas your have given me. #bloggersbest

  6. You have some beautiful picks here, my wish list is getting bigger lol. #BloggersBest

  7. There's some lovely stuff on this list. I particularly love the look of the handbag and the owl bedding is adorable! #bloggersbest

  8. I love the rose and the wine tray!! That is so you. xx #bloggersbest

  9. What fantastic ideas! I love that drinks tray. #bloggersbest

  10. I'm parents of young children, 2.5-years-old and 9-months so it's going to be a quiet Christmas present wise. Their Grandparents have asked to gift something, so we've agreed presents, but from us, they'll be getting things they need. As for my husband and I, we have agreed to save and put money in the pot for renovating the house. All we want is a good feed and lots of family time around Christmas. It's been a long year and it's time to give each other the gift of time/love. Corny as it sounds! #bloggersbest

  11. That eternity rose is so pretty and the candles sounds like they smell lush. Su #bloggersbest

  12. That bedside organizer for kids is such a cute idea! I love that. That rose is lovely too - my mom has something like that from years ago. It's still beautiful. #bloggersbest


  13. That rose is stunning! Some great ideas here. #bloggersbest

  14. I absolutely love the owls!

  15. a lot of great ideas here. that planetarium looks really cool! #bloggersbest

  16. That rose is just so beautiful and elegant! #bloggersbest

  17. that marble run looks a lot of fun and the planetarium would be right up my husbands street! A great selection of gifts there! Thanks for joining in with our #GiftGuideLinkUp


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