Monday 3 April 2017

Switch Up with Nintendo Switch!

Family gaming - it's one of the things I'm really looking forward to when the kids are a bit older. Over the years we've had tons of fun and giggles with friends and family with games consoles like the Nintendo Wii. I think Alfie is at the age where he would be able to participate and play, but Elarna's just that little bit too young. That been said I'm fairly sure Elarna would totally try and get involved, it would certainly be interesting to see what they both made of it!

In our household we are quite encouraging with technology (with certain restrictions of course), it is after all the modern world that we live in. At school, Alfie has access to all manner of technology which I think is great and we often use educational apps at home to do his homework and keep him interested in his learning. I'm all for encouraging it if it means Alfie will complete his homework and learn at the same time. I am curious to know if the Switch offers an educational aspect similar to that of the Nintendo DS which I enjoyed using to train my brain.....if you had a DS you will totally know what I'm going on about. 

When I heard about the new Nintendo Switch I couldn't wait to see what the fuss is all about. It truly sounds awesome. This recent article by Voucherbox sheds some light on the pricing of the Switch and I'm tempted to wait for the price to drop slightly before committing to buy. In the meantime have a read below for a bit more about the console.

So what is the new console all about?

  • The switch is a hybrid home and handheld console, the first of its kind. 
  • Has 3 play modes, TV mode, tablet mode and handheld mode offering a versatile playing platform. 
  • Connect up to 8 consoles for local wireless play, how cool is that!
  • Switch and play, anytime, anywhere with anyone.
  • A wide range of fully interactive games from old classics such as Mario to newer and more sophisticated games such as Fire Emblem Warriors. There is something for everyone. 

Nintendo Switch Promo Image

Designed with kids in mind this ultra cool console could continue to lead the way in gaming to involve the whole family. I have always imagined when the kids are a bit older having Saturday night games fun, either board games or multiplayer games using technology and I have a feeling the Switch would offer exactly those requirements. Not only does the Switch look pretty cool and slick but it provides the player with a unique experience, allowing the user to 'switch' it up and being able to play pretty much anywhere. I love the idea that you can take this away with you or play it on the go, a must in this modern world and also very handy I think you'll agree! 

Image result for nintendo switch

So if you fancy finding out a bit more about the Nintendo Switch, head on over to Voucherbox for more information.

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