Sunday 30 April 2017

Sports Tours with Absolute Sports Travel!

Sports tours with the what a cool thought. Alfie is a few years off a residential trip only being in EYFS but there was a letter posted out the other day that the year 4/5 are off on their residential away soon and it got me thinking about how Alfie would enjoy it and why they are such a good idea. It truly is such a fantastic opportunity for them, to develop their independence and start to stand on their own 2 feet. It also opens them up to a huge range of experiences and life lessons. 


The folk over at Absolute Sports Travel are a specialist company that organise and arrange a variety of these kind of tours for schools, both in the UK and abroad. What an amazing opportunity to be able to offer your children the chance of going on a truly memorable trip away or to take part in something like these organised football tours.  

It got me thinking about a few points to remember when you send your child away on our on for more. 

  • The memories. I can honestly say I have some of my best memories from my school trip away to France and the Isle of Wight, it truly was such a good experience. Have a read of this article to see just how memories are made. It is so important that children are able to make these lasting memories to store up for later life. 

  • It goes quickly, naturally as a parent you worry but it's such a good thing to encourage your child to be independent and look after them self. 

  • Embrace the freedom for a week. From both and child!!

  • It's a rite of passage to go on school trips and be away from parents, scary times but exciting at the same time. 

  • Something to talk about. As said it's all about creating memories and talking about new experiences with family once returned. 
So, do you remember going away on trips with school? Good memories?

* Collaborative Post. 

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