Monday 29 August 2016

Letting Natural Light In......

Did you know just how important having natural light is? For myself I cannot stand not being in a room that has no element of natural light in it, there is just something about too much artificial light that makes me feel all funny inside! Plus it sends my eyes screwy. According to psychology today when workers are exposed to natural light (in an office environment) they sleep better and subsequently are then are able to work at a much better capacity than those who work in windowless offices. 


It also greatly infringes of quality of life. Web MD advises that being exposed to natural light, especially in the morning can be beneficial for your mood, well being, metabolism and how alert you are. However, it's not just important to be exposed to natural light within the workplace but equally so in the household. The thought of being in a house that is dark, dingy and with very little natural light is not for me. I love being able to open windows wide, let fresh air in and immerse our rooms in daylight. 

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Sometimes though this may not be possible, for whatever reason and the company roof lantern solutions could have the answer to help with this and provide a solution to letting natural light in.  Over at roof lantern solutions they have come up with a variety of natural light producing windows in a subtle, modern design but ensuring maximum natural light. There are options to suit everyone so even if you are looking for something discreet or something more robust this company can help.  I love that these are built to last and can withstand the ever changing UK with self cleaning glass (amazing!) they kind of look after them self. 

So would you consider a roof lantern to bring more natural light into your life? 

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  1. Lack of natural light is my pet hate about my flat - we're north facing so we get so little light.


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