Monday 29 August 2016

Decorating with Dulux.

Dulux United Kingdom (English)

Dulux the UK's leading paint brand has been in a staple in the Beautiful Things household for many years. We have used other brands but nothing quite comes close to the quality and longevity of Dulux. In recent years in the kids rooms we have always chosen Dulux to ensure that we get the professional finish we strive to achieve. Most recently we have been trying to decide how to decorate Alfie's room, he is dinosaur mad so I think due to the fact we already have dino curtains and bedspreads that it would make sense.....but how can we make his room really good??? Step in Dulux.....

There are some absolutely ace ideas over on the Dulux website so even if the dino route isn't the one we choose in the end there is plenty of inspiration here. To make the mission even easier for parents Dulux have created these 6 fabulous, easy to achieve bedroom themes which aim to get parents and children working in collaboration to create their dream room.



To further help adults and children alike, Dulux have created this lovely summer holiday workbook full of engaging content to help your child let their creative juices and inspiration flow to create almost a mood board with the workbook for their design ideas. I love the layout of the workbook, it's easy to follow and simple to understand, split into sections that your child can work through to create their dream bedroom. I love that it breaks it down on one page about their likes and aspirations so you can really pinpoint what sort of thing they would like. 




I've always tried to involve Alfie with decisions and when we decorated his room originally when we moved him from one room to another when Elarna was due to make the transition easier we let him choose wall decals and the colour he wanted so we knew he would feel comfortable in his new room surrounded by items chosen by him. While we are still waiting to properly decorate his room in this new house he does have a couple of dinosaur decals but we are yet to paint and make his room individual. We plan to do this soon and I take inspiration from some of the ideas on the Dulux website, I would like to be brave and create a bit of a mural but it's finding the time and the artistic side of me again, I do know when we do we will get Alfie involved and ask him to choose his paint and what he would like on the walls. On choosing paint we are likely to opt for the Dulux Endurance + paint to ensure that fingerprints and general wear and tear are kept at bay meaning the paintwork stays fresher for longer.

Circus Style

So if you're thinking of decorating your childs room soon check out the Dulux website for ideas and inspiration and get your child involved - after all it is their room that they will be spending time in.

* Collaborative post.

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  1. That's some really good tips - I love the last red and white room.


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