Tuesday 14 June 2016

Seconds Matter.

Seconds matter to me......do they matter to you? Every day I count myself lucky having a roof over my head, a healthy family, a helpful husband and 2 beautiful kids. Every day I thank my lucky stars and seconds, minutes and days matter to me. But what if seconds felt like hours to you? What if these seconds and minutes in our life felt like countless hours in a struggle to just get through the morning, afternoon or the whole day. For someone suffering with arthritis this can quite commonly be the case. 

Imagine not being able to flex your hands or bend you fingers, imagine not being able to put your socks and shoes on because of this. What about walking, imagine suddenly losing your independence due to arthritis taking over your joints and stripping you from the life you previously used to have.

Clock, Time, Watch, Monument

In the UK more than 10 million people consult their GP with arthritis and related conditions......that's a huge  number isn't it! Living with arthritis and related conditions can be tough but there are simple steps that can be taken to help (as advised on arthritiscare.co.uk), things such as taking care of your joints, keeping moving when possible, eating a good diet and asking for help when needed are among some of the advice given. 

Over on Premier Bathrooms there is a wonderful campaign running surrounding the topic of seconds matter and the emphasis on simple tasks that we perhaps take for granted can be really quite difficult for someone suffering with the condition. Within the campaign there is a fascinating video that was filmed to show just how difficult simple day to day things is very tricky, wearing an arthritis suit to try and gain an understanding of what is like makes interesting viewing. Please do go and have a look. 

* Collaborative Post. 

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